11/8 Miles Guo: Empower Ourselves to be Invincible

Miles Guo provides his insights about the current events related to the US presidential election and encourages the friends of the Whistleblower Movement to empower themselves to be invincible.

US Presidential Election and CCP’s smear campaign

Miles Guo has a chat on GTV (https://gtv.org) on the morning of Sunday, Nov 8th, addressing the shock and disbelief felt by many when they see world leaders congratulating Mr. Joe Biden as “president-elect” before the official result comes out.

In his straightforward style, Mr. Guo said that not a single politician is trustworthy and we should not expect other people to have the same views as ours. We should focus on empowering ourselves instead of finger-pointing.

The Chinese Communist Party published an article saying that America’s election “tears the veil of western hypocrisy”. It is like a person who cannot afford to eat meat in his entire life draws the conclusion that beef is not good only because other people got sick after eating beef. The CCP is shameless for criticizing the US election.

In fact, this election is the revival of the US. 71 million Americans will not remain silent or give up.

Mr. Guo says that the celebrations of Biden’s winning were so brief in New York City that it is obvious that they know their victory is not legitimate. What else can they do after the celebrations?

A former European government official contacted Miles Guo asking him to remove from G-TV and GNews all the content related to Hunter Biden’s “hard drives from hell”. Many promises were made to the New Federal State of China, but Miles Guo rejected the offer. Unlike Facebook, the integrity and righteousness of GNews and G-TV cannot be compromised.

A Thousand Years of Detoxing

The CCP has been brainwashing the Chinese people and poisoning their hearts. Some Chinese even enjoy being treated like slaves, refusing to be liberated.

That’s why Wall Street, American media, Silicon Valley and Hollywood cannot let the CCP fall. Without the 1.4 billion Chinese slaves, how can Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and Hollywood get lucrative rates of returns as much as a thousand times?

  • Some powerful families in the west got $10 billion from the IPO of Chinese Banks.
  • Blackstone Group’s asset has grown ten thousand times after the Chinese government acquired a $3 billion stake in the Blackstone Group in 2007.

It might take a thousand years or even longer for the Chinese people to have America’s democracy and rule of law because of the long “detoxing” process.

China is number one in the world for counterfeiting:

  • Fake faith: practice idol worshiping at home after taking oath as an atheist member of the communist party. Convert his faith to Christianity in the US or Judaism in Isreal with self-centered motives to take whatever is available.
  • fake love: the Chinese might be the most unfaithful spouses. Love withers after consummation and having kids.
  • fake interpersonal relationship: exaggerate the closeness with a stranger by calling him “brother” or “father” after drinking alcohol together.

The Chinese will become great if they can become truthful, kind, and perseverant.

The CCP applies deceptive schemes to create trouble for G-Club.

G-TV and GNews

Many of his American friends told Miles that both G-TV and GNews are being presented with unprecedented opportunities during the most trying days of our times.

They predicted that 71 million American will follow G-TV and GNews.

As of now, 37% of G-TV audiences are Americans. Many have found their favorite programs on GTV and some even ask Miles about the upcoming programs made by the “Secret Translation Group”. G-TV and the “Secret Translation Group” have already become the mainstream media in the US.

Miles said that his Nov 7th broadcast alone has attracted over 180 million hits globally in 24 hours.

G-TV and GNews are becoming indispensable media platforms speaking the truth when the world is blinded by disinformation.

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