Two Great Chinese Inheritances on Root Exploration – Part 3

What is the great Chinese culture passed down from our ancestors? What’ the meaning of it? How it will help us and what value it will bring to us? This is about essence, appearance and function of the traditional culture.

Essence is core or nature; appearance is expression or presence; function is application or purpose. We must find our roots, or we will be described as trees without roots, water without source and people without virtue. Lots of people are asking whether the Chinese will be changed with the CCP’s brainwashing for 70 years. I am confident to say “YES”, why? It is a simple fact that even if a room has been dark for 70 years, as soon as one light is on, it lights up all of a sudden. It’s all at once, and the darkness of the past 70 years is gone. On Miles Guo’s GTV homepage he writes “one candle can dispel a thousand of years of darkness, the wisdom can remove ten thousands of years of ignorance”. This is exactly what it says. Since the nature of darkness is no more candlelight, so at this point, just turn on a light. How to turn on the light? We need a bulb? Why the bulb can be lighted up? Because there is a wire that is plugged into the power socket to light it up. But what about this power supply? Where does the electricity come from? It turns out that there is a wire behind the power socket, and that wire goes out to the power cable outside, and it goes all the way to the power plant. You can see that in this picture.

We can understand inheritance from this picture. The light bulb is us, so where do we come from? Our parents gave the birth to us, so they are the power socket. Where do they come from? Our grandparents gave the birth to them. Who gave the birth to our grandparents? It goes all the way back to that power plant. So each generation is just a piece of wire on the power cable. This is the inheritance of vitality of the traditional culture.

The blood lineage is vitality and the inheritance of vitality is handed down from generation to generation. In this sense, our life is temporary, now the vitality of the whole family is in our hands, we keep it temporarily and we have the responsibility to pass it down. This is the reason why the ancient Chinese say there are three reasons for not in accordance with RESLOVE, and it is the greatest to have no descendants. We cannot make it happen that the blood lineage of the whole family ends with us. This inheritance is about vitality and love. Chinese people pay special attention to RESLOVE and ancient Chinese put particular emphasis on genealogy. Genealogy is a family tree, which means where you come from, where your grandfather comes from and the origin of each generation is clearly recorded. It was a great pity because a lot of it was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution.  Another one is the Ancestral Hall where the ancestors of the whole family are placed together to set up a memorial tablet, and the whole family will regularly worship their ancestors here on some important dates to commemorate them, to recall their kindness, and to remember their virtue,  which is also an opportunity for RESLOVE education.  In ancient times, the Ancestral Hall was often used as old-style private school for the whole family.

The inheritance of vitality is about RESLOVE. We are going to talk about the inheritance of wisdom in the next episode.


Translator: Squirrel

Original opinion article by Himalaya Farm Vancouver – 2020/11/08

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