President Trump’s Lawyer, Mr. Giuliani, Held a Press Conference in Philadelphia

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Although the Biden camp have announced victory for the 2020 presidential election, the truth of the final vote count remains to be tested. On November 7th, 2020, Mr. Giuliani and several witnesses held a press conference in Philadelphia to make clear that the fraud- happened in poll stations across many states and cities. As an experienced lawyer, he is confident that the race has not ended yet.

This election has exposed many problems in America. Besides the fraud- in the voting system especially on counting absentee votes, there were frauds on the voting machines, the mail-in-ballot system, and votes from dead people, and multiple votes from the same person etc. We have also witnessed the biased reporting from main stream media, not only one but many of them, as well as the censorship from Big Techs. We have to be very patient to find out the final verdict, either from various levels of the court or from the House/Senate.

Clip 1. Mr. Giuliani explained how the absentee ballot, i.e., mail-in ballots, should be inspected and counted by poll watchers from both parties as the law requires-. Evidence has shown that there was no inspection of a single mail-in-ballot in Philadelphia.

Clip 2. A similar condition was also found in Pittsburgh, involving ~300k ballots, that were not observed or reviewed by a single republican. Mr. G also pointed out an obvious voter fraud that dead persons, Joe Frazier and Will Smith’s father, voted.

Clip 3. Mr. Giuliani has held affidavits, statements, and recordings from 50 people so far to support his claim of- the voter fraud in Philadelphia. He also emphasized similar situations have also been identified in Pittsburgh, Georgia, Michigan, and North Carolina.

Clip 4. Mr. Darryl Brooks, an African American and a Republican poll watcher, testified that he was not able to see any of the ballots counted in the poll.

Clip 5. Mr. Matt Silver –could not see any of the ballots even after he was finally let in the polling station. He also described clearly on how people handled the absentee ballots during counting.

Clip 6. Ms. Lisa Tarigano and 3 others with her cannot even get into the polling station to be a poll watcher because “their names hadn’t been entered into the system.” Mr. Giuliani also reported for Jeremy Mercer who even went to court to get orders to move closer from 20 feet to 6 feet. Some of the witnesses are willing to – testify- in – court but not in front of the public because they are afraid of repercussions and one spoke on TV of the fact they had been threatened.

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