Do You Hear the People Sing

Xima    Himalaya Sydney   

   As one of the fighters in the Whistle-Blowers Movement, I took part in the 13-days Ultimate war to reveal the truth to the world by doing on-line broadcasting on G-TV platform. Our live stream program has been applauded by audiences from different background worldwide. I would like to share my experience as a hostess in these programs.

  From these screenshots, you can easily see how strong the desire of our audience is. They are eager to know what has happened in US;what all the big names and big guys have been doing on behalf of America with CCP and other countries in the last decades. 

Here are some screenshots I randomly choose to share with you.

Screenshot 1: From above, you can read from our messages left by our friends. Most of them are 

from the western world. Moreover, they are generally new ones to G-TV platform; therefore, they only can have guest number showed in our comments section. But it shows all of them get the cues and clues we bring to them during our program. That is to say, they can recognise quickly by themselves from our revealing pictures and videos from Hunter Baiden’s hard drives. Besides, they would like to know more. They cannot wait to get all of the information as quickly as they could.

 Screenshot 2: from this picture above, you can understand our audience already followed us up in the right direction to get their conclusion. As their words go like “Biden is going to steal the election”, you know they hit the target of the whole game of American presidential election. 

Furthermore, with the comment provided by one of the friends ends with 06, they know who we are and why we overseas Chinese work as Whistleblower Movement fighters volunteers. This is a big reward for both parties on sharing truth and facts. No doubt, you can spot out how much worry and anger lie in their mind. They feel it is pressing and urgent to know all of the scandals of Biden and Obama. Furthermore, they are shocked when they are told by us the real story is much more than that; many more names and information are on the way.

Screenshot 3: from above, it is understandable that they felt frustrated and are totally at loss. But the thing that made us much more relived is: people finally have the access to the truth. 

     In conclusion, my opinion is: as the Whistleblower Movement fighters, we might not change the whole thing full of conflicting issues right now; but we bring up the truth to more people as we can, as soon as possible. In my opinion, that is good enough. These online programmes are valuable because they unite our grassroots from different cultures, different races and different countries together. We are the same, we are the one as a whole. We will send our message as our voice to be heard much louder than ever.


澳洲喜马拉雅农场., (2020). 澳喜农场十三天大决战-Biden family hard drive scandal-拜登丑闻(全英文直播版中文解说. [online]. G-TV. [Viewed 3 November 2020] Available from:

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