11/7/2020 Lude Media (Lude and Friends): the latest developments in the U.S. election, President Trump’s statement will thoroughly check the legality of the votes!

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Summary of the Nov. 7 Lude Media Live broadcast

(Lude wearing a red tie)


1. President Trump has issued a statement that he will check the legality of the ballots! US election progress to be dominated by Lude Media news!

2. Trump won 71 million votes, which is one reason to wear a red tie, and those people are with us (Whistleblower Movement). There are 120 million people in the United States who can vote. Such great public opinion is such great news. These 71 million people are the people who support Trump’s various policies, the people who are the backbone of America, the people who support the industrial chain moving back, not a welfare group. Biden’s supporters are actually far removed from the elite.

3. Now everyone knows the true faces of mainstream media. The people who supported Trump came out to march spontaneously, while the people who supported Biden were paid to do so. That’s the real public opinion that sways the jury, that’s the real reason for the tie. It has been very successful in awakening the public opinion of 70 million people. And the backstone is very important, they’re middle class; and Biden supporters are either a particularly wealthy few, or people who take social welfare.

4. The ballots must be legal to be counted, and if they are not, they are not counted, because the Constitution says so. If the casinos cheat and go straight out of business, so as long as the evidence of cheating is solid, Biden’s vote can be completely overturned. As Biden also prepared Trump’s fake votes and intends to use the law to combat Trump vote fraud, so the method used by Trump is to let Biden “win”, and then take the initiative to find Biden’s fake vote evidence, so as to get the high point in public opinion.
5. Mr. Giuliani said the Democrats are now busy trying to stop Trump’s re-election. Russia gate was a farce, but Hunter received a $14 million bribe. And the Democrats have plenty of voting fraud.

6. We were very worried that someone would quit because it was too difficult, but that didn’t happen. Trump also realized that all the pro-CCP people around him were hurting him. This was a huge success.

7. There were 330 stations that would file lawsuits from the counties to the state courts, which would either uphold the vote or recount the votes. The results will be sent to the Federal Supreme Court for adoption or rejection. Ultimately, it’s up to the Supreme Court to decide the outcome. However, if the Supreme Court is unable to decide, the Senate and the House of Representatives will vote on the election.

8. If the results of a state’s vote are not sent to the House of Representatives by January 6, the results of the state’s election cannot be counted and Congress has the right not to accept the state’s vote, and if the president cannot reach 270 votes, he cannot be elected, at which point the president has to be proposed and elected by the House of Representatives.

9. Back then Gore was also the first to declare himself elected, and in the end the courts awarded dozens of votes to Bush, who won. But unlike then when there was only one lawsuit, there are now hundreds of counties litigating at the same time, and if one lawsuit doesn’t end, the state’s results don’t count. If we don’t get results in January, Vice President Pence will act as President, (and Pence was surrounded by people who had the CCP virus).

10. (What happens if a federal judge does not rule on the ultimate winner:) an American election is not just one vote, but at the state level, if the votes are very close (within 1%), both candidates can be nominated by the governor, and even the governor and the state Department of Justice can put up different candidates. After the nomination, it goes to the Senate and House for one more vote, and if the names provided by the governor and the Department of Justice don’t match, members of the Senate and House can choose their own candidates to vote on; the result will be winner-take-all. So the electoral vote will be variable again this time. If the President is still not elected, the Constitution provides for the election of the President by the House of Representatives and the Vice-President by the Senate. Each state will receive one vote in the House election, and for now, there are more Republican House states. If the House votes are tied, then the Vice President (Pence) has the right to veto a state in order to ensure that one candidate wins.

11. We now “stand in the future and talk about history” and declare: Trump will eventually win!

Aili: The media is not the law. Digital media is easily manipulated. Those who support Trump are middle class and active people. Including unions, these are living people with families and brains, belonging to the backbone of America. Their anger is America’s anger.

There was actually more concern that Biden would jump out and declare victory, and the media didn’t support his performance. They performed all before the law declared him victorious.

The destruction caused by the CCP’s use of materialist values has changed the perception of this social structure based on materialism and has begun to rethink whether it should be broken and reshaped.

Dr. Guan: The fact that there were marches in all 50 states shows that public opinion is high. Public opinion is the basis of everything, so it must be stimulated. This election fraud is actually a conspiracy that started 5 years ago. From what Giuliani said and from all indications, the legal battle will be won.

Mr. Miles has asked everyone to focus on the two vice presidents, and if the election results are not available on December 8, then the vice presidential battle will begin after that.

Dr. Bo: There has never been a media to announce a president instead of a law, it’s forced! It is counterproductive for the media to react before the law is decided.

Presumably not all precincts will use watermarked ballots, and watermarked ballots will only be placed in states or counties where fraud is likely to occur. But the placement of the watermark would be a deterrent to all governors and officials, and could have serious repercussions for themselves if they were caught committing election fraud.

This election was a brutal test for the American polity. The Second Amendment to the Constitution states that if the government does not represent the people, the people can overthrow the government.

Original link:https://gnews.org/zh-hans/536812/

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