Congressman Cautions against Impact of Lockdown Measures–11062020

By brandnew
Rep. Greg Murphy says on Tuesday that China has
taken note of how government-decreed lockdowns
in response to a viral outbreak can be used against
America, according to Breitbart News.
“China has now seen how they can take over the
United States without firing a single shot,” Murphy
says, “Introduce a virus from China to the United
States, because we will cripple and we will attack
each other based upon politics.” He also notes that
mandatory shutdowns have led to increases in harm
and death from various health problems due to less
shifts of medical services.
A urologist himself, Murphy warns of unclear
epidemiological goals set by Dr. Fauci, the nation’s
top infectious disease specialist, for his proposed
solution to the outbreak. “These infectious disease
guys, their whole world revolves about pandemics,”
Murphy said. “The question to Fauci is, what is the
endpoint? Because that’s what we surgeons do. We
look for a plan and then we have an endpoint. What

is the endpoint? Is it hiding from this virus until it
goes away? That’s not going to happen.”
When it comes to the effectiveness masks, Murphy
points out that “in theory [masks] are a good thing,
but in reality they’ve not changed the needle, in my
opinion. whatsoever.”
President Trump and Fauci clash repeatedly over
surge in coronavirus cases and handling of the
crisis, with the President linking increased cases to
the the volume of testing and the expert calling for a
shutdown of half the economy.

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4 days ago

the ccp uses the virus to attack america , the ccp want to take over america