78-year-old Biden was Placed on the World Stage by the CCP

The Democratic candidate Joe Biden who will turn to be 78 years old on November 20 was placed on the world stage under the operation of the CCP and made to issue a victory declaration. He looks like a decoration, a puppet, and a repeater as well.

Subsequently, Canada, Japan, and Taiwan sent congratulations in time. Having planned to manipulate the US presidential election, the CCP is the happiest one who should have sent congratulation to Joe Biden first but still keeps silent. It seems difficult to understand it but under the estimation. The CCP carried out the Blue-Gold-Yellow Program and the 3F Plan during the US presidential election. Joe Biden being elected is the sign of the success of the Blue-Gold-Yellow Program and the 3F Plan. The CCP has accomplished its task.

The CCP is currently busy with drinking and boasting for celebration. Nobody cares about sending congratulations to Biden who was made use of and fooled. After they enjoyed enough, they just drew a congratulatory message and pretended to show the world. The CCP should definitely look down upon on Joe Biden and others.

We must face to the reality and admit that the CCP has successfully rolled out the Blue-Gold-Yellow Program in many countries in the world, mainly the United States. We must fully understand the difficulties of the Whistleblowers’ movement and keep a clear head. We must stick to what we have achieved and continue to work hard until we take down the CCP. We need to wake up the world by the fact of overturning the Puppet Biden to the ground.

This is the mission of the fellow fighters of the Whistleblowers’ movement.

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Writer: 日本富士会 待命(文晓)

Translation: Orange文橘

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2 months ago

joe.biden is controlled by the ccp


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