The Western System Is Completely Broken By Capital, By Communism And A Dozen Of People From CCP’s Learders | Daily Express – Nov. 7, 2020

Author: Gwiki、BoundlessSky星空无垠、推推党宣传部长(tuituidang)

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Miles Guo (Wengui Guo)on GTV.ORG


Nov. 7, 2020, after the U.S. election, Wengui together live,

Part one.
Part two.

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I have told the West three years ago: Are you ready? Darkness has come to your West. If you are not prepared well, the numbers of death will be 100, 1000 times of 9/11. Your economic politic finance military and technology will all be controlled. The fourth right has completely become the fourth party of darkness.
The American and Western system is completely broken by capital, by communism, and a dozen of people from CCP’s learders.

When Mr. Guo learned about the release of three ousted Chinese officials from the infamous Qingcheng Prison six months ago and two people’s entrance into Canada five months ago, he knew that the CCP’s second level of its BGY and 3F Plan is in full swing.

BGY means blue, gold, and yellow which stand for cyberattacks, bribery, and seduction respectively. 3F (fall/fail/fell) plan aims to destroy the US.

The released CCP officials designed and implemented the BGY plan. Xi Jinping released and put them into use during the final showdown between the CCP and the US because these people control the vast spy network in the west.

The voter frauds bear the hallmark of the CCP operations: the broken surveillance cameras, stop counting votes in the middle of the election night, fake ballots, and software that was altering votes in the machines made in China, etc.

Xi knew the consequences of his meddling of the US election, so he is putting all his bet on Biden’s winning the election.

Miles Guo has forewarned months ago that the US election would end in absurdity due to the CCP’s meddling. But the US government underestimated the level of penetration by the CCP.

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November 6: Greetings Dear Fellow Fighters, Our G Fashion …… will create the world’s myriad of unique standards …… This is a picture of our world’s first suit made from the fabric of a suit while sewing a hand-made tie! Hand-sewn matching ties of our new Federal State of China logo,… Elegant yet trendy …… accentuates the new Chinese distinctiveness …… Everything has begun!


Dr Li-Meng YAN:             COVID-19 is Unrestricted Bioweapon

 Trust CCP’s WHO to investigate origin of COVID-19? ! Both CCP and WHO have shown you how to cover up the outbreak and organize those novel zoonotic coronaviruses fabrication. They are working hard to throw out certain poor wild animals as scapegoats for lab-made SARS-COV-2.

Steve Bannon War Room

Youtube banned War Room 478 and latter , go to to wacth or listen.

Lude Media:

11/7/2020 Live Stream: Miles Kwok will Live Stream Soon Today; FoxNews Dobbs Show Exposure More Info


  1. 10/07/2020 Mr. Miles Guo will be back after 21 days. Only truth shall always persevere. Mr. Steve Bannon: Whistle-blower movement has completely changed the US election with the three hard drives. The Endgame would be rushing the CCP into the bag and tighten the knot.
  2. The State attorney general of Utah joined Trump’s team in order to protect electoral justice; The Democrats are dividing; President Trump’s eldest son said there were many “weak” republicans in the Republican party, in order to awaken public opinion.
  3. The software used to count the ballots voting for President Trump as voting for Biden instead, is called Scotecard. It sets Biden’s ballots’ curve as 3% more than that of President Trump’s by default. The 40 days of hard-drive content caught Democrats off guard, and the 3% was not enough to catch up with President Trump’s votes. The Democrats panicked and pulled chaotic moves, causing bizarre phenomenon after 2:30 am on Nov. 4th: ghost votes coming in at the middle of the night, tampering with votes in a large scale, burning ballots voting for President Trump, suddenly surging over 100 thousand ballots voting for Biden, etc. One single state turns blue is a coincidence of the century, three or four states turns blue is a fraud. Everyone sees who the hustler is.
  4. Sharing and analyzing the blockchain secure voting technology’s patent application.
  5. Young republicans rushing to 47 regions. 20000 national guards to collect evidence.
  6. Firefighting not fast enough for fire-setting. Election infight, bio-weapon viruses consume the United States’ energy. Has President Trump realized that CCP is behind all of these? That he needs to act first for the advantage? The evidence of bio-weapon viruses has been provided, do the people believe or not? Moses, Jesus and Lazarus resurrected in the bible, we pray to God to show revelations to the American people to see through CCP’s evilness.
  7. Only having faith while living well, but no faith during hard times, is not truly having faith. Master Dharma said Emperor Wu of Liang only built temples while the dynasty was doing well was not true faith. Emperor Wu starved to death in the end.\8. To defeat the enemy, defeat their king first. Like “the Game of Throne”, the night king has to be eliminated first. Removing the pawns and soldiers means nothing. CCP is just like the night king.

11/6/2020 Fox Report Voting Software Fraud Evidence; 10 states all Installed This Software/Previous Head of Staffs of Pelosi Owns the Voting Machine Manufactured in China? Minister of Defence Resigned; EDD and American Economy Impact Payment cheque sold By CCP Army Hacker in Dark Web. CCP Army has full data of American Personnel Social Security Number

Rigged vote-counting machines
Stimulus check fraud

  1. The CCP is capable of rigging elections worldwide by supplying voting systems.

a. Vote-counting software used in Michigan undercut Trump’s number of votes. The same type of machines were used in 47 Michigan counties and 12 states.

b. The problematic vote-counting machines were manufactured in China and produced by Dominion Voting Systems, a company linked to Pelosi.

c. Trump gave three days to the Democrats to commit voter fraud and then caught them at the crime scene.

d. Lude expects more voter fraud to be exposed from now on. The FISA surveillance has been watching the interference.

  1. Rick shares stories of stimulus check fraud and the implication to voter fraud.

a. The COVID-19 stimulus sent $1200 to every American. Tens of thousands of stimulus checks were stolen by the US postal service employees and other individuals.

b. During March, April, and May, stolen stimulus checks were sold at 50% discount on the darknet. The trading volume reached tens of millions.

c. Stolen money was deposited on Chime and Movo, online banking companies. $350 million were deposited in Chime in 10 days. This is high tech money laundry.

d. Chime’s early investor is a Russian company and headquartered in Hong Kong. That early investor also invested into big tech companies in China.

e. If stimulus checks can be stolen, ballots can be stolen too. With the American personal information obtained from hacking, the CCP can easily counterfeit ballots. And the online money laundry system can be used to buy votes and finance other election rigging operations.

  1. Trump scores a win in PA. US Supreme Court Justice Alito issues a temporary order requiring PA to separate late-arriving ballots.
  2. Defense Secretary Mark Esper resigned. Lude believes that the intelligence community is not sharing the vote rigging information with the White House.
  3. AOC produced a blacklist of Trump supporters, among which are many judges. Lude expects Antifa will threaten judges.



 FLOTUS on election day!! #blockchain #StingOperation

Americans are giving us so much evidence of election misconduct, it’s a full time job to follow up. Some really powerful cases will come down very soon.

I had such a big lead in all of these states late into election night, only to see the leads miraculously disappear as the days went by. Perhaps these leads will return as our legal proceedings move forward!

Joe Biden should not wrongfully claim the office of the President. I could make that claim also. Legal proceedings are just now beginning!

“I’m here to stand with President @realDonaldTrump… he stood with me. He’s the reason we’re going to have a Senate Majority.” –@LindseyGrahamSC


Communist China Fake News

CCP‘s media Global Times: site video from ABC :

“This is the time to heal America,” says president-elect @JoeBiden in his first speech after he was projected to win #Election2020, emphasizing unity and healing from chaos and division.
Editors Comment:Biden + Fake News Media = Communist America

CCP‘s media start to report China-US relations when Biden wins?
As Joe Biden was projected to be the winner of the 2020 presidential election, Chinese experts predicted that the outcome could usher in a “buffering period” for already-tense China-US relations, and offer an opportunity for breakthroughs in resuming high-level communication and rebuilding mutual strategic trust between the two countries.
Editors Comment:Go ahead! The U.S. will not turn into Biden’s crime backyard.


Whistleblower’s Movement popular glossary


The medical name is Neocoronavirus (English: Novel Coronavirus or Covid19). This is an unnatural virus artificially created by the CCP in its military laboratories. It is an extremely dangerous biological weapon used to maim and coerce the Chinese people and the people of the world in order to achieve world domination. Since the CCP unleashed the virus in late 2019, it has infected millions of people and killed hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

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