【Reveal】Six tricks for Democratic Ballot Fraud

Author: Minerva
Translator: Banruo  

When writing this article, the author doesn’t know what kind of tone to use and joke? Humorous? Serious? I don’t think it’s suitable, so I can only combine them all.

Falsification has a long history in the Communist China and is distributed in all walks of life, from the imperial decree to silver coins and paper notes, and as small as antique calligraphy and painting forgery. At the same time, counterfeiting also requires cross-industry and cross-professional division of labor and cooperation. Most importantly, the skill of counterfeiting is basically trained privately, (which isn’t easy to leak) to keep it in secret. Trade secret or patent are popular terms to describe it. The nature of falsification is half (and thieves can be said to be half of) the same as thieve industry. They both are afraid of (seeing) facing the light and preferably to carry out at Joe Biden’s Holy Hour which is 3am. (Catholic’s Holy Hour is 3pm and exactly 12 hours later that is at 3am, the demonic activities set in. However, Joe Biden’s Holy Hour is 3am as I believe.)

In this U.S. election, which concerns the fate of mankind, several Trump’s leading swing states announced a pause on counting the ballots. I’m not sure if this is unconstitutional, but it is absolutely shocking to the United States and the whole world. Seeing many old people on social media say that I have lived all these years and have never seen anyone stop counting ballots before the election results come out, never ever. What’s more exaggerated is that when the country is asleep, the Democrats played their ‘trump card’  – theft and fraud! Fake is the trick, theft is the goal which is to steal the presidential election. You’re right. it’s just so exaggerated! It’s so ‘fantasy’!

Everyone knows that behind the Democratic Party’s fraud is (that) the CCP which could be the trainer, the adviser, and even the one to fill Democratic Party’s shoes. Now let’s comment on the fraud, particularly the approaches and level.

The first trick is to use sharpies for the Trump voters from day on. The voters in Nevada supported Trump’s response. The distribution of sharpies by polling station staff were problematic, and the filled ballots could not be machine-identified. By contrast, in the Twitter and Facebook which are believed to be part of the CCP Department of Cultural Propaganda, none of the Biden’s voters has encountered similar situations.  Probably CNN will jump out again and say that those who support Trump are inferior and less educated fools who can’t even fill in the ballot properly.

The second trick is to chuck Trump’s votes directly into the dustbin. More than one video and picture on Twitter can easily and clearly show that the polling station staff are busy feeding the garbage cans with the just opened mailed. It is so simple, crude but efficient. The only shame is that numerous videos have been recorded which could be solid evidence when the crimes are revealed.

In the third trick, many voters reported that they had received posted ballots only with Joe Biden’s name, and there was no Trump’s name. In other words, the decision has been made on your behalf, and the only thing you need to do is just to put your signature on the ballot. I really want to say that this customer service experience is not as good as the one the Chinese people are offered. CCP provides a one-stop service which neither exhaust people to cast votes, nor bother them to review and sign on the ballots. In regard to the customer service experience improvement, the Democrats may need to consult with mentors, the CCP regime.

The fourth trick is to stop the voting device. Compared with the stable red states, moderate voters in the swing states who potentially vote for Trump are undetermined and weak. By coincidence, in those important swing states, miles-long queue caused by a series of crashed voting machines and the practice of social distance. Given that it is the beginning of winter, although there is no sand-sea deepens with fathomless ice, the roaring north wind is seeing off the wild geese, which are hastily heading south for the winter, and the snowflakes are whirling down. The Democratic Party’s strategy is very clear. If you really support Trump, stay in line, bearing the cold weather. But if you lost patience, you can just leave your ballot to their people (go back to the ticket and leave it), and “their people” will handle it for you later. For more details on how are they going to handle it, (specific statistics, see) please refer to the second trick. Remember, these swing states are controlled by the Democrats.

Hypothetically, the fifth trick is by applying technology. Knowing the CCP, who is the mentor of the Democratic Party, and its tricks, no one doubts that they would use the high technology to assist the fraud in this election. There are a number of (many technically) methods, such as database tampering, voting machine cheating, etc. Twitter information shows that many Trump supporters who have completed voting can’t find their registered votes online. Is this a system error? Or tamper on the data? However, it is extremely difficult to make technical fraud without trace. A Chinese proverb says beyond the real is another realm. There are talented genius in the industry can identify these frauds at a glance.  The counterfeiter should pray on a daily basis in the future, hoping that the crimes will not be exposed.

The sixth trick is to mail fake ballots. Different with the third trick which still has a bottom line, and the bottom line is resending a genuine ballot if the voter is a real Trump supporter, mailing fake ballots is the real trump card in this game. There are two advantages for this trick.

Firstly, it doesn’t need to bother the voters to fill in fake ballots. Instead, someone can just do it by using fake IDs. This method is practical, efficient, and productive. 

According to Judicial Watch, in this election there are millions of magic votes distributed in 353 polling stations in 29 states. It can be imagined that the fake ballots not only exist in the swing states, but were also sent to many other states, and have been already counted. If so, even God wouldn’t know it. The strategy of the Democrats is to mail fake ballots to whichever states the Democrats could possibly win. It’s lucky to win with nothing to lose.

The second is that it can be directional accurately delivered. The most convincible example is Wisconsin. At 4:30 a.m. local time, 94% of the votes were counted, and Trump seemed to be safe ahead of nearly 110,000. Astonishingly, while the whole nation was asleep, Biden suddenly received 130,000 votes, in excess of Trump.

Sum up the four words, fast, accurate, merciless and stupid.

Fast reflected by the fact that from 4:30 to 4:44, it took the Democrats only 14 minutes to complete the turnaround. This feat is unprecedented and probably there will be no later.

The number and location of fake ballots cast in Wisconsin are extremely accurate. Just enough to overturn. It is estimated that Biden’s may win this state with a margin not exceed 1%. Everyone knows if Biden still wants to win the election, he must turn Wisconsin to blue. Again, no overload, just enough!

I have to say that the Democrats have done it mercilessly. More than 100,000 votes were all greedily taken by for Joe Biden, not even a single one left to Trump. In terms of probability, it is lower than the probability of being struck by lightning. Disrespectfully saying, it’s probability is much lower than seeing the God.

The stupidity is the key point in here. At 4:30, 94% of the votes were counted. By 4:44, when Biden was ahead, it showed that 95% of the votes were counted. Thirteen thousand votes accounted for only 1% of the state’s registered voters. Then the registered voters in the state must be more than 13 million. The official actual registered voters are less than 3.2 million. It can be said that the Democrats’ team is quite professional. At least I can’t see flaw now, but their math was really taught by PE teacher. Possibly they missed out a zero when they count the number of registered voters. Wisconsin will be definitely a hot area in the legal investigation in this fraudulent election case.

There is a lot of nonsense. To sum up, Democrats’ fraud has no precedent in American history and also showed extremely high techniques. From printing fake ballots, to delivering and counting, the whole assembly line works quite efficiently. It can also be seen that state governments, social media and large media corporations are acting and cooperating at the same time. It can be said that the CCP and the Democrats have really put a classic show to everyone. Ordinary audience would really doubt life if it hadn’t been for the truth reported in advance by the Whistle-Blower Movement. But fakes are fake after all, and there must be traces of passing by. Since the Whistle-Blower Movement and the Warroom predicated the fraud before the election, how can there be no strategies to cope with it? As always, put down the bait first and wait for the fish to be hooked. Now that the hook has been bitten, it’s only a matter of time to roll up.

(The content of the article only represents the author’s personal point of view)

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the election become ridiculous.

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