Two Great Chinese Inheritances on Root Exploration – Part 2

We Chinese must find our roots, or we will have no power at all. How can we stand on top of the world like Jews, be loved and respected all over the world, and live a happy life ever after?

Learning from Jewish successes to find our own roots has profound significance. Like the trees in nature are rooted, so they can absorb a steady stream of nutrients that make them flourish. Like Yangtze River and Yellow River, they must have a source in order to have a constant flow of water to make them endless. Together it is called a remote source and a long stream.  A long stream is determined by a remote source, so it’s very important to explore the source, which is our ancestor. We should learn and inherit the great virtues and the best features of our ancestors. In the meantime, we also should appreciate and memorize the kindness of our ancestors, so that we are able to understand our role and identity, as well as the meaning of life and improve our virtue and enhance our wisdom. An ancient saying “Mourning duties should be given to those who have ceased to be and sacrifices should be offered to remote ancestors, according to rituals, so that honesty and simplicity can find their way into the folk customs.” It is commonly deemed sweet and commendable in human nature if one pays due respect to the deceased and due adoration to the remote ancestors. This is called RESLOVE.

What is the significance of root exploration? Let me show you a picture.

First, trace the inheritance of vitality to gain the power of love, which implicates profound significance. Where does our love come from? It is from our nature, and it is also from our parents. When we are little babies, we gain the power of love from our parents’ selfless love. Since birth until three years old, there is no gap between kids and parents. We hold our parents’ hands tightly with 100% trust and love and our parents are also 100% dedication to us without concerning expense of giving a birth. This is the way to get along with parents. Unfortunately, this nature does not last long, generally only three years and then children have a stronger sense of self, so a gap between their parents and themselves appears and they slowly do not listen to their parents’ words. What the traditional Chinese wisdom requires is to maintain this pure and perfect nature for a lifetime, which is the essence of true RESLOVE, and to extend this spirit to all people.

When it is applied between husband and wife, it is called love, the pure love; when it is applied among siblings, it is called fraternal duty, the way to get along with brothers and sisters; when it is applied between friends, it is called genuine friendship; when it is applied among ordinary people, it is called a heart full of love, like Mr. Miles Guo. The essence is to get along with people from pure and true heart. That’s why we have to trace this to gain the power of love so that we can understand our role, our identity and meaning of life. What is my mission and responsibility to the family? That’s why we say to inherit long-standing wisdom and to establish peace for all future generations.

Second, understand and learn from the ancestors’ humane conduct to improve our conduct. What if we knew who our ancestors were and what contributions they had made to the world, do we feel particularly proud of ourselves and vow to learn from our ancestors, to be like them or even surpass them?

Third, understand and learn the traditional culture passed down by the ancestors to improve our wisdom. Many families have family traditions that are passed down from one generation to the next. As parents, before we pass away, are we going to teach our children our life experiences and tell them the best life lessons? So we can improve ourselves and avoid detours by learning the traditional culture, which is the significance of our root exploration.

How to find our roots? Please stay tuned for the next episode!


Translator: Squirrel

Original opinion article by Himalaya Farm Vancouver – 2020/11/07

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