Miles Guo: CCP Infiltrates US Election

Chinese dissident Miles Guo resumes his live broadcast on Saturday, Nov 7, after spending 27 days with his family. He reveals the Chinese Communist Party’s infiltration and meddling in the 2020 US presidential election.

When Mr. Guo learned about the release of three ousted Chinese officials from the infamous Qingcheng Prison six months ago and two people’s entrance into Canada five months ago, he knew that the CCP’s second level of its BGY and 3F Plan is in full swing.

BGY means blue, gold, and yellow which stand for cyberattacks, bribery, and seduction respectively. 3F (fall/fail/fell) plan aims to destroy the US.

The released CCP officials designed and implemented the BGY plan. Xi Jinping released and put them into use during the final showdown between the CCP and the US because these people control the vast spy network in the west.

The voter frauds bear the hallmark of the CCP operations: the broken surveillance cameras, stop counting votes in the middle of the election night, fake ballots, and software that was altering votes in the machines made in China, etc.

Xi knew the consequences of his meddling of the US election, so he is putting all his bet on Biden’s winning the election.

Miles Guo has forewarned months ago that the US election would end in absurdity due to the CCP’s meddling. But the US government underestimated the level of penetration by the CCP.

CCP uses capital to control democracy and capitalist countries

Three years ago, Miles Guo warned the west about the infiltration of the CCP. The election is a manifestation of the CCP’s control in the US.

The CCP is using capital to control all aspects of the free world including but not limited to Wall Street, mainstream media, social media, the legal system, and even the intelligence community.

The CCP is turning all the “rights” enjoyed by the western countries into one right: the right of capitalism.

The Western society is fragile in the face of the Chinese totalitarian.

The world is silent when Hongkongers are being slaughtered by the CCP. Now the US is turning into Hong Kong right before our own eyes. We are witnessing the “perfect control” of the CCP in the west in these examples:

  • Social media is turning into a dark force, censoring information including President Trump’s Twitter account.
  • Voters are being threatened: “If you don’t elect me, there will be riots. We will force you out. Everybody will be jobless.”
  • The mainstream media is playing President Trump:
    • The New York Post only revealed a little bit of information from Biden’s “hard drives from hell”. The reporting stopped after its Twiter account was suspended. The White House, Mr. Steve Bannon, the US intelligence, and some generals are too naive to trust Rupert Murdoch, the owner of New York Post and Fox News.
    • Fox also backstabbed Trump during the election.
  • The boss of Wall Street is in Zhongnanhai.

Who are the losers of this election? The American people & Taiwan

The American people lost the election because the integrity of the US election has been compromised.

The CCP’s deal behind the curtain is to buy US silence if the CCP attacks Taiwan.

The most surprising thing during the election is the silence of the Republican Party, leaving the Trump family to fend for themselves.

The infiltration of the CCP in the US:

  • In terms of Hunter Biden’s hard drives, you haven’t seen anything yet. In addition to videos of unimaginable sexual content, there are unimaginable documents showing the Biden family’s selling the US national interests, justice, and righteousness.
  • Look at the timestamp of the Biden videos, all the events occurred during the reign of Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan with people and events covered by the Whistleblower Movement.
  • The CCP is selling the future of the Chinese people. The western colluders know all the evildoings of the CCP, but Wall Street and Silicon Valley do not want to change the slavery of the Chinese people because they want to sell products to China and get organ transplants from China. All the conflicts between the Democratic and Republican parties and between the US and China boil down to the enslavement of the 1.4 billion Chinese people.
  • The CCP is finding ways to enslave the Chinese people:
    • Control the US to control the world including the Chinese people.
    • How to control the US? Control its media, social media, Hollywood, Wall Street, Capitol Hill, the White House, the US legal and intelligence community, etc.
  • Socialism is blossoming in the US with deep roots.

What have we learned in the past few days?

Through the election, we have learned what rule of law, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion should be.

We should never forget the Declaration of the New Federal State of China. It is our most significant contribution.

The American style of democracy and freedom is out-dated because they could be bought by money.

The Chinese people will learn from these lessons and we will never be slaves again.

Who are the winners of this election?

The New Federal State of China emerges as a winner of this election.

President Trump will prevail and so will the Republican Party.

GTV and GNews have played a critical role during the most critical time in human history.

The 1.4 Billion Chinese people no longer want to be slaves. The CCP’s full-blown infiltration in the US is to accelerate its own demise.

Don’t underestimate the resilience of the US, its rule of law, faith, civilization, and power. America will become great again after this election. A great America will not allow the existence of the CCP regime or its infiltration in the US.

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