The Winner of 2020 US Presidential Election

作者:日本富士会 待命(文晓)

The current U.S. presidential election has shocked the world with its voter turnout and its dizziness! Japanese TV broadcasts the election almost all day. As I didn’t watch the TV from other countries, I couldn’t make any comments. but I could tell that Japan has paid much attention to it.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the CCP Zhao Lijian said sourly, “The sky outside is so blue today that we are not interested in the US presidential election at all.” It was a very poor lie and you couldn’t describe how clumsy his performance was. This made me firmly believe in the whistleblower Movement and Mr. Miles Guo.

I say that the winner of the American election has been determined. It is not because of the uprightness of President Trump, nor is it because of the shamelessness of the Biden family colluding with the CCP. It is because justice will prevail. Regardless of whether the final result is to appeal to the law or all the tricks are used up, the winner must be the one who insists on and advocates justice. At this moment I remembered an old Chinese saying, “The day has eyes and the night has ears.” If you don’t want anyone to know it, don’t do it.

Joe Biden was able to win the highest vote in history, is it reminiscent of the CCP’s smashed biological weapons scandal which turned out to be an uncontrollable global pandemic? I guess the same thing repeated with the election this time.

I also remembered Wang Jian’s death. After Wang Jian’s death, Mr. Guo has released many videos and photos. This preempted before the CCP’s bad game started.

How did Joe Biden get the highest vote in history this time? I look forward to Mr Miles Guo releasing some beautiful videos or photos about Joe Biden to the world. When there is something abnormal, we need to think more. It is not difficult to draw this conclusion: the winner of the US presidential election has been decided.

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