Rudy Giuliani’s Exclusive Reaction On the Collusion Between the Bidens and Communist China

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Rudy Giuliani’s Exclusive Reaction On the Collusion Between the Bidens and Communist China

Episode 1. Mr. Giuliani exhibited the documents on the structure of BHR (Bohai Harvest Rosemont) which is composed of four parties: Hunter Biden, Chris Heinz, James Bulger and the Chinese Communist Party government. And not only the son of the vice president was a partner with a foreign government, but the former vice president—Joe Biden himself was also involved in the two deals when Joe was the vice president and shortly after he resigned from the office

Episode 2. Mr. Giuliani displayed evidence of a message and two letters to show that the Biden family has had the partnership with the Chinese tycoon energy company the Chinese Energy Fund Company (CEFC), which is owned by the Chinese communist government and is a front for Chinese intelligence operations. They have compromised America’s national defense and interests by making deals with the CEFC, and sold America’s interests for their personal gains.

Episode 3. Mr. Giuliani said that the 10% hidden share to the “big guy” should be critical to convict Joe Biden in front of a Jury trial. James Gilliar has also warned Tony Bobulinski not to mention Joe Biden is involved. Why they’re trying so hard on this cover-up? It’s called the evidence of criminal intent since they’re committed to crime.

Episode 4. In this clip, Mr. Giulianitold an interesting story that the Biden family went behind their partners’ back and negotiated an interest-free forgivable 10-million-dollar loan with the CEFC. The CEFC made the first payment of 4.8 million to the Biden family. According to the 10% document mentioned in previous episode, Joe Biden would be entitled toa minimum of 480,000 dollars from this transfer. And this first 4.8 million injection was what caused Bobulinski and Gilliar breaking up with the Biden family.

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hunter biden colluded with the ccp


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