The Necessity of an Honest Election


Yesterday on November 5th, President Trump gave remarks from the White House to address the ongoing election counts. 

He said and I quote, “if you count the legal votes, I easily win. If you count the illegal votes, they can try to steal the election from us.”

He pointed out that democrats with their big donors, the big media, and big tech companies behind them are facing a tremendous amount of litigation because of their multiple acts of unconstitutional misconduct including not allowing legally permissible observers to watch ballot counting, accepting the votes after election day, refusing to verify the identities of voters, and duplicating ballots. 

President Trump clearly stated that openness and transparency are crucial to this country. The most important part of the election is not which candidate or party wins. The most important thing is that the country wins, and the country can only win by having an honest election with an honest count and honest people working back there. President Trump assured the American people that he will not allow this country to be disgraced by secret counting rooms, mystery ballots, and illegal votes being cast after election day or by deceased people. 

President Trump stressed that his goal is to uphold the integrity of this country and I believe the American people are united for this calling because they firmly believe that The United States of America has a government that abides by the rule of law, not by Joe Biden, and certainly not by a foreign terrorist organization such as the Chinese Communist Party.

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6 months ago

an Honest Election is very important

6 months ago

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