Vote burning, zombie votes, phantom votes…Democrat counterfeiting has gone insane


The U.S. 2020 presidential election has seen many ups and downs since voting began on November 3. At the beginning of Trump’s votes far ahead, whether it is the number of electoral votes or the total number of votes, the Democratic Party candidate Biden will pull away from a distance. Things began to reverse in the evening of November 3, 11 pm to midnight, Biden suddenly surpassed Trump, just a few hours to Trump far behind. As I go to press, Biden’s electoral votes are still 253 and Trump 214.

Just a dozen days before the election, the U.S. mainstream media “New York Post” exposed the Biden’s harddrive gate scandal.The content of the Biden family’s corruption, incest, betrayal of the national interest, and other major crimes, it is rumored that the FBI has been involved in the investigation. Biden himself, however, lurked in his basement during the scandal, neither responding nor clarifying.

Previously, Biden’s campaign sites were also deserted and deserted. On the other hand, everywhere Trump went, there were crowds of people, flags waving and cheering. The discerning can easily see who will win the final election.

November 4, regarding Michigan and Pennsylvania ballot, Trump led 9.6% and 14.9%, respectively, in Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Georgia, the ballot is close to the end, Trump won without a few suspense. However, overnight, in just a few hours to be exact, a massive number of votes poured in for Biden. According to a screenshot of Trump’s Twitter feed posted in the morning of November 4, more than 128,000 new votes were suddenly cast in Michigan, all of them for Democratic candidate Joe Biden, a statistically equivalent probability of a Mars collision, just miraculously happened! This operation directly contributed to Michigan and Wisconsin flapping from red to blue overnight, with Michigan having 16 electoral votes and Wisconsin having 10. The situation was instantly reversed, putting Trump in defeat.

How did these sudden spikes in votes in a short period come about? Who’s behind the manipulation? On November 5, Trump announced midday via Twitter that he would launch legal action against all the states where Biden won or was in the lead in his latest reversal. He claimed that the media had reported extensive evidence of voter fraud and election irregularities in those states.

It has been 233 years since U.S. elections began with the Constitutional Convention in 1787, and the Electoral College system was established in 1800 when political parties took the American political stage in the U.S. presidential election. The electoral college system adopted for the U.S. presidential election has been operating effectively since the United States gained its independence. Although it is not 100% perfect, it has been recognized by the majority of the people. There have been no significant failures, nor has there been such a massive, blatant, collective falsification madness as the U.S. Democratic Party this year.

Theft and burning of Trump ballots

On November 5, the Twitter account Politics posted a video of a man, who appears to be black, lighting a bag of ballots cast for Trump on fire. In the video, the man can be heard saying, “Look, it’s all Trump (of ballots). If you work at a post office or a polling place, you know what to do.” The man in the video gives the middle finger to a pile of burning Trump ballots and insults “F…Trump”.

Tweeter Jackie p replied: never seen such behavior, this man stole a box of ballots and destroyed them like this, so much fraud, it’s frightening.

After the polls opened, there was a steady stream of news of ballots cast for Trump being discarded and burned by staff. Employees at a polling place in Erie, Pennsylvania, openly admitted to throwing away over a hundred ballots for Trump in one morning; in addition, stolen and discarded ballots have been found under rocks along the Arizona highway.

Openly tossing ballots in the trash

Dachen tweeted on November 4 that footage of counting station workers opening ballots and tossing some of them in the trash was accidentally recorded last night on live U.S. television. Twitter later deleted the tweet.

The U.S. media also reported on October 25, after the U.S. Pennsylvania election commission outside the office of a trash can, found nine discarded mail ballots, the Department of Justice November 24, said that seven of the ballots were voted for Trump, after the FBI to intervene in the investigation. 

On November 3, a large number of torn ballots cast for Trump were also found inside a van.

Dead Man Voting

The oldest was born in 1850 and is already 170 years old. According to the Epoch Times, during the U.S. election in Michigan there were many “ghost votes”, such as a person called William Bradley was born in 1894, and died in 1984, but someone used his name to apply for an absentee ballot, on October 2 to the Bureau of Elections.

According to the United States media reported on November 3, New York City uncovered at least two cases of “dead people vote by mail” incident. Two ballots were used to vote by mail but was later found two ballots, respectively, belong to the elderly who passed away in 2012 and 2016. 

The report pointed out that the Election Commission on September 24 this year, received a request from voter Rekhoe to mail his absentee ballot to his address. The ballot was mailed back on the 6th of last month and confirmed the ballot’s validity on the 8th of the same month. Rekhoe had actually passed away in 2012, when his loved ones also published obituaries in area media to confirm his death.

Another case of “dead people voting by mail” took place in Brooklyn, where the Board of Elections received a request from Nizar in September to mail a ballot to his address, and collected the ballot on October 13, confirming its validity two days later. But, authorities later discovered that Nizar had died in 2016.

Michigan found a large number of “phantom votes”

Gary Yang, a Republican voter of Chinese descent, said in an interview with the Chronicle that the family once had an international student who was neither a green card holder nor a citizen and had left the U.S. in 2006. Yet, the friend received an official mail-in ballot from the Secretary of State’s office.

Another friend, a U.S. citizen who left Michigan back in 2005, also received mail-in ballots at his former address.

“Based on these suspicious occurrences, I surmise that the Democrats prepared a large batch of illegal ballots and felt the need to take them out when they saw that Trump was ahead by 300,000. Why were they afraid to let the Republicans in to monitor the ballots? It’s a complete desire to cover up and cheat with impunity, and it’s the destruction of the democratic system,” Gehry said. “If this kind of fraud won elections, this election would be a joke!”

Open fraud at the count

On the night of November 3, in one of the largest vote counting centers, the TCF Center in Detroit, Michigan, Republican volunteers who were present to supervise the counting of ballots noticed that the number of votes counted by the ballot counters on a shift from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. should have been between 7,000 and 10,000. However, at the end of the job, the radio said: we counted 50,000 ballots tonight.

Gary Young, a Chinese-American Republican voter who was there to monitor the ballots that night, also saw and heard many unbelievable and bizarre phenomena. “Michigan Chinese Conservatives Alliance (abbreviated as MICCA) is a Chinese Republican pro-Cheonan political organization formed after 2016. On November 3, the group sent 14 people to take on the most challenging night work as a ticket monitor, i.e., working from 10 pm to 5 am.

Gary’s shift was at the TCF center convention center, the counting station in Detroit where all the mail-in ballots were concentrated. He noticed that the ballot-counting workers at the table he was in charge of were working surprisingly slowly.

“They were literally grinding away, which was an anomaly,” Gary said. “They didn’t officially count the votes until 11 o’clock, and they only counted 150 tickets in one night.”

Gary looked around at the other ballot-counting tables, all at about the same rate, and at that rate, the 130-plus tables in the room could only count 10,000 tickets that night. A Republican who oversaw the scanning machines at the aggregator said he counted only almost 7,000 votes as well.

But as the shift was coming to an end, the radio announced, “We counted out 50,000 tickets tonight!”

Where did the 50,000 vote figure come from? Gary looked at the TV and saw that Biden led by more than 60,000 votes in Wayne County, where Detroit is located; Trump was leading by 300,000 votes in Michigan.

When Gary arrived home at 6 am, he took one look at the TV before the break and impressively found: in Wayne County Biden was ahead by more than 200,000!

“The Democrats won’t let the scrutineers into the counting”   Gary said, “What was even more bizarre was that on the morning of the 4th, when I heard there weren’t enough scrutineers, I mobilized a dozen more people to help, but the Democrats wouldn’t let our people into the counting hall anymore, and eventually couldn’t even get into the building, they blocked the windows with whiteboards and pizza boxes. The reason: the epidemic requires social distance, and there were very few people inside.”

Gary clarified that the place where he monitored the votes was not Shiawassee County that added a zero to the ballot numbers. “I don’t think this kind of thing is made up in a small way, it’s a systematic operation.

Gary broke the news that there are also many forms of cheating in Detroit. For example, cheating on turnout. That is, the Democrats send people to knock on the doors of people who don’t come out to vote and give them $27 to come out and vote, and it’s unclear whether they are called out in person or vote by mail.

“There’s no oversight component to this process from the beginning, and it’s all open to fraud.” He said, “Also, if the vote counters are connected to the Internet, it’s much easier to cheat once you use electronic means.”

Democrats’ ugly cheating tactics exposed

[The watered-down votes] Wisconsin has a registered voting population of 3,129,000, but with a total of 3,239,920 voters, that’s a 103.5% turnout! Where did the extra ballots come from when the vote tabulation was so severe? Besides, in Pennsylvania, North Carolina also found a whopping 2 million “black” ballots.

[190,000 votes cast by one person] Maureen Bannon (Maureen Bannon) tweeted to expose: Arizona, Wisconsin found a total of 190,000 votes, actually is a person in the early morning 2 days sent out, this person named Jane Doe (Jane Doe), and these votes all voted for Biden.

[Delays in counting votes in critical states] Because Pennsylvania counted mail-in ballots first, Biden led the state first. But when Pennsylvania began to count ballots at the polls on voting day, Trump sped up to catch up and overtake Biden. What is expected to be in Trump started to lead all the way after, Pennsylvania suddenly announced a suspension of the vote count, and said that due to the judge to find the lost 300,000 votes, the state will have to wait until Friday to count results.

[Buying votes] The National President of Young Americans for Freedom (Young Americans for Freedom), Grant Strobl, tweeted on March 3, exposing the illegal act of buying votes in Michigan: “I just learned from a friend that the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) in Macomb County, Michigan, told its members that if they voted for Biden that day and provided a photo of the ballot as evidence, they could get a $100 reward.

[Machine Cheating] Voting machines temporarily malfunction in Pennsylvania and New York, and poll workers ask voters to give them their ballots first. They’ll enter them manually once the machines are fixed.

Dead ballots, zombie ballots, phantom ballots …… The Democratic Party’s fakery has gone so insane that it doesn’t even need to be covered up a little. Look at this world-renowned farce: in the United States, even dead people who have been dead for decades can rise from their graves to vote, while in the Communist State, the 1.4 billion people alive have no right to vote. With the Communist virus eating away at it, American democracy has become desperately ill. Both are trampling on citizens’ natural human rights by denying them the right to vote in different ways. Suppose this massive election fraud is not effectively curbed. In that case, the forces of evil will be even more rampant in the future, and the democracy, freedom, and the rule of law that the American people cherish will exist in name only and will be useless.

The Trump campaign has now launched legal proceedings in Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Nevada to suspend ballots counting or to recount local votes. The 2020 U.S. presidential election is destined to be a watershed for human civilization. Is humanity headed for dictatorship or democracy and freedom? Does faking really trump public opinion? Let’s wait and see.

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