U.S. Presidential Election Bmid ecome Obscure, Does Chinese Communist Party Manipulate It?

In the later night of November 3rd,  after all the polling stations closed for the last present voting process, people were focusing on the counting process, until around 2am in November 4th, President Donald Trump not only won the traditional states voters, he also won the majority voters for the swing states at the moment that most ballots had been counted.  He gave a speech around that time pointing out the counting facts  and everyone think it is no doubt that he will win with big gap to Joe Biden. But since those swing states paused the counting, people have to wait for the next day.  When  people waked up in the morning of November 4th and  started checking the results, astonishingly, the results went to the weird results, some swing states ballots turned to Joe Biden sharply in just a couple dark hours.  People found the unusual curve characteristics especially in Wisconsin and Michigan.  Please see the graphs.

From these two curves, we can find that around 4am in November 4th, the curve became right up huge vertically in Wisconsin, and similar thing happened in Michigan around 6am. This kind of characteristics will be only found by manipulation since it is not abide by natural probability curve.  Soon people found the unbelievable mail-in ballots by video that many SF Express (a Chinese Express company ) envelopes showed up in voting stations. Please see the picture and vedio.


We all knew that SF express had no business in U.S. Why  and How these ballots came to U.S.A. voting station?  If these ballots are from Americans in China, the U.S.A. consulates or embassy will collected then send to U.S.A. They wouldn’t choose a Chinese express company which doesn’t have the business in U.S.A.  So those ballots are not from Americans who are living in China. Then the questions is who sent these illegal ballots to the voting station? Obviously, the only one is from Chinese Communist Party which they want to meddle the U.S.A. election.

 Sina (a Chinese new station) also reported it.


Reported by Hong

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6 months ago

definitely !



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