U.S. Election Fraud, Legal Entanglement, the CCP— Again, Whose Game Is It?

Nov. 5, Lude Media Morning Ep. shared some insights about the 2020 U.S. Election. 

According to Lude Media, behind all the 2020 U.S. Election chaos is the Chinese Communist Party and their malign operations, known as a “3F” scheme, meaning to foment weakening, foment chaos and foment destruction in America. Here are some takeaways from the program. 


Lude Media gave a brief introduction of the current situation of the 2020 U.S. Election. 

As more evidence of the Biden team committing voter fraud is coming out, the Trump team has started the legal proceedings in different cities. The appeals will probably be eventually brought to the U.S. Supreme Court and be judged by the U.S. justices. This will be a legal war between the two Parties. 

There are about 70 days until the end of President Trump’s current term, till Jan. 20, 2021. If no final judgements of the Supreme Court are reached then, there will not be an elected president. Instead, the House Speaker will be the Acting President. The House will vote on the election result. 


Lude Media mentioned, currently, the public have seen some evidence of election frauds, allegedly committed by the Democratic teams to steal the Election. For example, in some states, there was a sudden increase of votes after midnight with very few Trump votes and all the rest for Biden. Footages and images show many Trump votes were found dumped in the trash, tossed away or burnt. Some show extra Biden votes were inserted in the ballot boxes by the poll workers. So far, there was a sudden increase of approximately 2 million votes in 8 states. In some states, the calculated votes exceeded the actual voter population. A SF Express parcel was found at one of the polls and SF Express is a company in Communist China that delivers parcels between China and other countries. A year ago, U.S. Customs seized 130,000 fake U.S. identity cards. 


Lude Media’s comments:

Several days ago, Lude Media said, on the Election Day, President Trump would claim victory once he wins Florida and Ohio. Then Antifa would immediately launch an operation called “Red Mirage” all over America, against President Trump. On the same day, the result of the Election would possibly be flipped due to Democratic Party’s alleged voter fraud. Lude Media has source of information. All of it has happened. 


The main-stream medias are trending Biden team’s claim of victory and suppressing Trump team’s claims, so that once the final result comes out and Trump team wins, they will influence the public opinion and accuse Trump of stealing the Election.


In China, the CCP’s propaganda is spreading their narrative about the American system. They are telling the Chinese people that the fraud and chaos in the U.S. Election show the problems in their political system. The protests and rioting in the streets show American people’s discontent with the U.S. government. They also keep reporting the pandemic in the U.S., slandering America as the origin of the virus, and the U.S. government has failed in controlling the virus. 


The CCP has done a thorough study of the U.S. political system for years, and found its loopholes. They are using the loopholes to manipulate the Election. For example, they can turn a red state into blue by sending fake main-in ballots to the blue counties to increase their total votes. Let the number surpass the red ones and, at the same time, “Blue-Gold-Yellow” (intelligence, bribery and threat) the local law enforcement and county council to cover it up. Then, with only 10 or 20 thousand “extra” blue votes, a red state will be easily flipped. 


No matter which Party wins the U.S. election, the United States will be dragged into a legal war and suffer political and social chaos. This is what the CCP want. It’s part of their “3F” plan. They will be the real winner behind it. 

The CCP is helping Biden by sending large amounts of fake Biden votes to change the total number. Meanwhile, besides forging the result, they will probably also make a small amount of fake Trump votes, and take videos of them as “evidence”, so that if Trump wins, this would be used as evidence in the court against him. It’s one of the CCP’s moves to frame the Trump team. 

The CCP can counterfeit ID and dollars. To make fake ballots would be a piece of cake for them. All they need to do is to print them and mail them. No one would even know how these fake ballots arrived in the polls. The expansion of postal voting has made this move possible, as a result of the CCP virus which was originally made and spread by the CCP for the ultimate purpose to bring chaos to the U.S.. It is a long-term well-planned scheme.

What’s worse, no matter which Party wins, the CCP will release “evidence” for the other side as evidence for law suits. They actually don’t care if people believe the ballots are fake or not. As long as the they are out there, the losing Party will definitely start the legal proceedings. The purpose is to make sure the Election is stalled and a legal war is started between the Parties. Both sides are played off by the CCP. The whole American government will be entangled in endless law suits and arguments. The American society will be deadlocked and suffer great losses of time and money caused by the conflicts. This will buy the CCP some time. The U.S. Election becomes the game of the CCP.

The consequence then will be extremely serious. Right now, there are probably legal battles between the two Parties on presidential, congress and state levels. If the law suites can’t be settled by Jan. 20, 2021, there will be no president, no congress, no state governments. Social services will be undermined. The Military will see no commanders. Two of the three branches of the American political system, the executive and legal branches, will possibly collapse. This will substantially invite the CCP to launch more vicious moves to make America further overwhelmed, until the U.S. doesn’t have any energy or chance to fight back. People have already seen the “Hunter Biden hard drive from hell”. Then the great United States of America will be destroyed, just as the CCP has planned in their “3F” scheme. 

At the same time, the CCP will continue their world domination plans, such as the “One Belt One Road” initiatives, 5G, IP thefts, etc.. 


In the Cold War, the U.S. realized the threat from Russia, and was united to encounter it. However, a lot of people don’t realize the much greater danger from the CCP, today. The nation is so divided. Many in politics, business, media, big tech, entertainment and other areas are even colluding with the CCP, against the Trump Administration and the American people. What a shame! Even the current administration sometimes shows some indecisiveness. Teams of both sides will possibly be shaken by the exhausting situation. That’s why tough actions, such as wartime executive orders, are very necessary. 

People have to really understand that the major problem here is the CCP. All the disagreements and interest conflicts between the Republican and Democratic Parties and their supporters are merely nothing compared to the threat from the CCP. The only way for either side to win is to unite, find out the truth of the pandemic, and take down the CCP! Without the CCP, it will be just fine even if the Election drama lasts for years. America will still be solid and prosperous. Otherwise, there will be endless chaos and danger, which will lead to the destruction of the nation. NO ONE in the country will be able to vote again or live their normal life. It will all be gone. 


While Lude Media expected that the American people won’t realize it until the last minute of their legal war, they also thought the United States and its justice power is the hope and future of the world. There are a lot of brave and devoted Chinese people who are determined to stand up and fight against the CCP. But without the joint efforts of the United States, it will be extremely difficult for them to carry out the cause to take down the CCP. The New Federal State of China and the anti-CCP “Whistleblower Movement” sincerely hope that all American people understand how important it is to unite and fight side by side. It shouldn’t be a game of the CCP. It’s a battle for our future. 

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7 months ago

Electoral Terrorism. @realdonaldtrump Dear. Mr president. It’s China communism party helped democratic to fraud. They not only back Democratic. They also back republicans. For example, ccp they totally fraud about 2 millions ballots. And the give Democratic 1.9 million ballots. But also ccp give republicans 100k ballots. They Democratic also have the evidence the republicans fraud. Then both party have evidences 2 party fraud. Then. What super court judge. ……. so don’t be go on naive. To let 2 party lay down all the disputes. To confront the sources of all problems. That’s China communism party. They have already successful… Read more »