Highlights Lu De and Friends-the Morning Show on Nov 5,2020

Jojo, Canada Himalaya Club

11/5/2020 LU_AN_MO TALK The Legal War

• President Trump’s term ends on January 20, with 76 days remaining for Mr. President. If Mayor Rudy Giuliani put Joe Biden on trial in 60 days, Kamala Harris will take over to run for president.
 Mr. Steve Bannon answered Mr. Lu De’s question about the election: If Chief Justices’ decision doesn’t come out after January 20, the House of Representatives will vote on it. And the new Speaker of the House will be the acting president until the result is available.

• The Chinese Communist Party(CCP)has been manipulating this election. The fake ballots will show up not only for Joe Biden but also for President Trump.
 If the two parties are at war with each other until after Jan. 20, it will result in vacancies for the president, Congress members, and governors. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will undertake actions in the South China Sea and Taiwan to strangle U.S. military forces in Asia-Pacific. At that time, the United States will be paralyzed.

• Only bipartisan cooperation in eliminating the CCP can save the U.S. from its current crisis. At the same time, the families of the CCP’s eminent officials will become Xi Jinping’s prisoners if they don’t take action immediately.

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2 months ago

Electoral Terrorism. @realdonaldtrump Dear. Mr president. It’s China communism party helped democratic to fraud. They not only back Democratic. They also back republicans. For example, ccp they totally fraud about 2 millions ballots. And the give Democratic 1.9 million ballots. But also ccp give republicans 100k ballots. They Democratic also have the evidence the republicans fraud. Then both party have evidences 2 party fraud. Then. What super court judge. ……. so don’t be go on naive. To let 2 party lay down all the disputes. To confront the sources of all problems. That’s China communism party. They have already successful… Read more »