Highlights Lu De and Friends-the Late Night Show on Nov 4,2020

Jojo, Canada Himalaya Club


• There is a long history of rigged” elections in the U.S., especially in those blue states, but where there is a fraud, there must be traces of it.

• Ms. Aili pointed out that one of the agendas of the 2018 Beidaihe Conference is to undermine President Trump’s re-election in 2020. As long as President Trump is voted out of office, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) can implement its global domination plan in 2035.
1. So far, the Whistleblower movement (WM) hasn’t disclosed all the information from the hard drives yet. The real battle has just begun after the election day.
2. Ms. Aili suggests that Mr. Lu de and our other WM patriots are probably busy planning how to reveal the truth of the virus origin. Timing is the key to success.

• Mayor Rudy Giuliani claimed on the press conference in Philadelphia today the Trump campaign has already filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania that alleges Republicans were not given the proper chance to observe the opening and sorting of ballots. He added that they may also file a federal lawsuit against what they claim is voter fraud, to “really expose the corruption of the Democratic Party.”

• Dr. Guan encourages the WM patriots to have faith in the U.S. justice system. We should stay confident and stay the course until the CCP is exterminated by law and justice.

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