Exclusive!! More evidences shows the financial links among Biden and CCP’s spies

G-translator has exposed on 2th Novhttps://gnews.org/zh-hans/516906/ that Hunter Biden opened a joint account in Cathay Bank with Dong Gong Wen. (Dong was the CFO of Ye Jian Ming’s company, and Ye was CCP’s spy). We found more evidences that show the financial links among them.

  • Which date did Hunter Biden wire transfer $100 000 to CEFC INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT (US) LLC
  • How much did Hunter draw from this joint account to his own law firm?

The following remittance may answer the above questions:

The first remittance clear states: The amount of $100 000 was wired out on 8/4/17 from Hudson West III LLC account in the Cathay Bank, authorized by Hunter Biden with his signature. The Beneficiary is CEFC INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT (US) LLC。CEFC INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT (US) LLC , which was formed in May, 2017, and it is the subsidiary of the CEFC China Energy Company Limited.

The second remittance on 7th,Aug 2017 is even more shocking. Hunter transferred $400,000 to Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC (WFCS) as an intermediate and finally further credit to OWASCO P.C which is the law firm founded and chaired by Hunter Biden

We must question what Hunter sold to the company owned by CCP’s spies Ye Jianming and Dong Gongwen and earned $400 000 for his own law firm? Why in August 2017 Hunter Biden was still able to transfer money at his discretion, but on September 14, 2017, he was required to sign a “Multi-Signature Authorization Agreement” with Dong, which required that cash or check of more than $10,000.01 required a co-signature from both of them. What did Hunter do to make him lose the trust of Ye and Dong?

Reported by:Skagen

Proofreader: Baiye

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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