Exclusive!!How come Joe Biden wrote recommendation letter for son of Hunter’s business associate since knowing nothing about his business ?

       Recently” the hard drives from Hell” of Hunter Biden, son of Former Vice President and currently the American Presidential candidate Joe Biden, has really sparked big waves. Numerous porn photos and videos and emails including sex act, incest, violence, and drug abuse shocked many of us. The Biden Family’s business relations with the communist party and how they are compromised by the CCP is now all known to the whole world.

      Among the numerous emails, one is very interesting and may have some hint that Joe Biden actually knows his son’s business and helped him directly.

      In an email written on Jan 3, 2017 by Jonathan Li, Hunter’s business associate, former CEO of Bohai Capital Holdings and then Chief Executive Officer of BHR, to Devon Archer with copy to Hunter Biden and James Bugler about his son’s applications to several well-known American universities with his CV attached.

Jonathan wrote:

      On Feb 18, 2017 , Hunter’s business partner in Rosemont Seneca Eric wrote to Jonathan Li and sent him a copy of recommendation letter upon Hunter’s request. The interesting part is this recommendation letter was written not by Hunter or someone else, but by Hunter’s father, Joe Biden. 

        And the more interesting thing is it was written by Joe Biden on behalf of Christopher for Brown University.  Who is Christopher? Is it the Deputy Dean of the college or some professor who called Christopher? We don’t know, but one thing is for sure, Hunter briefed to his father about the need of his business associate and used his political influence to help his business partner. It is impossible Joe Biden wrote a recommendation letter for someone he didn’t know. Have you still believed the lie as that Joe Biden said before” I don’t know my son’s business at all”?

By Coco

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