National Development and Reform Commission launched: National Family Emergency Material Reserve Recommendation List

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According to the website of the National Development and Reform Commission, 14 departments including the National Development and Reform Commission recently issued the “Working Plan for Expanding Short Term Domestic Demand and Promoting Consumption” (hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”). The “Plan” mentioned that in the autumn and winter season, a list of recommendations for national household emergency reserves supplies will be introduced. The provincial household emergency supplies reserve list will be introduced based on such experiences of Beijing and other places. The national basic version of the family emergency reserve supplies list recommended is being formulated, and local authorities are encouraged to speed up process of developing an extensive list according to local situations, and guide urban families to store medical supplies such as family first aid kits.

Recommended List of Household Emergency Supplies

Basic Edition

Emergency items

1:Hand-cranked flashlight with radio function

2:Lifeguard whistle

3:  Paper towels and cloth Towels

Emergency tools:

4: Breathing mask

5: Multifunctional combination scissors

6:Emergency escape rope

7:Fire extinguisher, fire blanket

Emergency medicine:

8:Commonly used medicines

9:Medical materials

10:Iodophor cotton swab

Extended version

Water and food

1:Drinking water

2:Food:Biscuits or compressed biscuits, crisp noodles, chocolate, etc. canned food,mineral water,vitamin supplements.

3:Special crowd supplies: Infant milk powder, special products for children, special food for the elderly, food for patients with hypertension, hyperglycemia, etc.

Personal items:

1: Toiletries: Towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, shower gel, manual shaver, etc.

2: Clothes: Spare underwear, waterproof shoes, hats, gloves.

3: Feminine products: Maternity supplies, sanitary napkins, etc.

4: Other personal items: Contact lens eye drops, repellents, disinfectant, bleach, etc. children’s books, toys, etc.

Escape, self-help, and other tools:

1: Escape tool: Emergency escape rope, life jacket.

2: Distress contact tools: Distress whistle, portable radio (with spare battery), hand crank radio, reflective clothing.

3: Survival aid tools: Hand-cranked flashlight/portable flashlight (with spare battery), multifunctional raincoat, windproof and waterproof matches, everlasting candle, emergency blanket, multi-function knife, breathing mask, fire extinguisher, fire blanket.

Medical emergency supplies:

1: Anti-inflammatory products.

2: Wrapping supplies.

3: Auxiliary supplies.

Important documents:

1: Family member information (ID card, household book, Driver’s license, Birth certificate, Marriage certificate.)

2: Important financial information (Cash, Bank card, Real estate certificates, stocks, bonds, etc.)

3: Other important materials (Family Emergency Card with both Front and back of the card: Family members photos, blood types, common diseases and conditions, Home address, family contact information, emergency department contact information and emergency contact person information).

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