Hunter Biden’s falling apart with his business partner Eric Schwerin continued: Disagreement on the “Windfall”

December 19, 2018, Eric Schwerin, Hunter’s business partner, wrote an email addressing to Hunter Biden (it seems their friendship has been fallen apart at the end of 2017 with the subject line of “IMPORTANT – Pls Respond”).

 The followings are notable in this email:

  • 10% of BHR’s equities (Hunter Biden received windfall without paying a penny): Eric mentioned that “Xin” has reached out to him checking on the loan extension document for BHR (“Xin” refers to Wang Xin, as exposed by LuDe, she is Wang Qishan’s illegitimate daughter). The loan agreement and its amendment have been revealed previously, and we would assume this agreement and the loan thereof would be extended again and again. Since Eric Schwerin is one of the signing parties on this agreement, Wang Xin has also contacted him.

    Interestingly, BHR is not a signing party on the loan agreement or its amendment (instead, the signatories are Wang Xin (previously was Jonathan Li), Hunter Biden, Eric Schwerin and Skaneateles, LLC (Skaneateles, LLC is Hunter’s investment vehicle holding that 10%), but Eric specifically said Wang Xin reached out to him on the loan extension document for “BHR” evidencing their scheme of getting the windfall via BHR.

    Also, it seems Wang Xin did not know, at least during that time period, that Hunter Biden has fallen out with Eric Schwerin.
  •  Redemption Agreement: based on this email, Eric may have sent a Redemption Agreement to Hunter Biden and he is asking in this email when Hunter or his lawyer George Mesires could give him a response. This also reflects that Hunter has been angry with Eric and didn’t respond to Eric’s email and message.

    Based on the previous leaked messages and emails, Hunter Biden and Eric Schwerin may jointly own certain entities, including RSP Investments and Skaneateles, LLC among others, although Hunter Biden may not think so. Hunter, in one of his angry emails addressing to Eric at the end of 2017, told Eric that he is not a partner in any of those named or … other companies Hunter owns outright or by majority … – if Hunter Biden was telling the truth, Eric Schwerin is just his proxy.
  • Why did Hunter and Eric fall apart, e.g., any disagreement on “profit-distribution”?  Eric explained of the restructuring purpose (under the Redemption Agreement?) by saying that, the way it’s structured is to give you (Hunter) more than 75% of the current assets of Skaneateles going forward … This include 100% of BHR for you (Hunter).  Here is the disagreement: based on the previous discussion, Hunter believes he owns those entities and Eric was not a partner in any of those, although Eric believes he owns at least 25%.
  • Windfall:  Eric also mentioned Hunter will receive a windfall – due to BHR’s significant distribution because of BHR’s CATL exit (CATL: Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited). 

    According to the online information, one of the funds BHR managed was a shareholder (investor) of CATL before CATL went public (initial public offering, or the “IPO”), and therefore upon CATL’s IPO, BHR may have sold the stocks (in whole or part, subject to the lock-up term) after which BHR, then Skaneateles, LLC and then Hunter Biden will receive their proportionate profit distribution, which would be a windfall to Hunter Biden, not only because this distribution amount is “significant” (based on Eric’s wording), but also because there is no cost to Hunter – he “borrowed” from Bohai Industrial Investment Fund.

    Note:  CATL is a Chinese battery manufacturer and technology company specializing in the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage systems, as well as battery management systems.  It is headquartered in Ningde, Fujian Province, where Xi Jinping used to be the Party’s general secretary in this area.

Written by: Charles / Bee(㊙️G-Translators – North America Team)

(the Opinion is the Authors’ own)

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