Trump: We Did Win This Election; Will Be Going to the U.S. Supreme Court | Daily Express — Nov. 4, 2020

Author: Gwiki、BoundlessSky星空无垠、be_water、推推党宣传部长(tuituidang)

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Will The New Federal State of China establish diplomatic relations with the United States since Trump won?

Guo Wengui




Li-Meng YAN:   Unrestricted Bioweapon

My second scientific report is published in zenodo. This is the only account in Twitter for Dr. Li-Meng YAN.

Steve Bannon War Room

WarRoom: Global Election Night Special 2020

War Room: Pandemic Ep 471 – GameDay (w/ John Fredericks, Rudy Giuliani, and Bill McGinley)

War Room: Pandemic Ep 472 – Do Not Falter

SteveBannon: Covfefe is for Closers

@realDonaldTrump is the greatest closer in American history — Big League

2012 “Please find attached dinner invitation from Dennis and Karen in honor of  GeorgeVenizelos , the new FBI Director for NewYork ” 

Nobody knew . . . not even the “friends”?

 LaptopFromHell Hudson West III LLC one of many pass throughs for  PatrickHo intel chief no more and  CCP / CEFC $$$ to  BidenCrimeSyndicate for @JoeBiden ‘s office and  USA petroleum assets. Owned by China, clear Nat Sec risk.  Owasco

Lude Media

11/3/2020 Do Not Make This Election Last Free Democratic Election in American History

1, HEADLINE: Focus on the U.S. election: never let this be the last free election in the U.S. Vote Trump!
2, Chinese State Commerce Bureau informs businesses not to allow imports from Australia after November 6: barley, wine, logs, coal, lobster, copper ore and concentrates
3, Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate’s Harris Stunt Vote-Polling Is Outed by the Public
4, Follow the GTV election Live Team.

11/03/2020 Lude Media: Mclnerney Said , This Will Be The Final Free Election If Trump Failed

1, If you win the Florida,you will win the election, if you win the Ohio, you will have a big win the election!
2, Twitter announces the winner and will block the account of whoever announces the winner before the final election results come in.
3, Trump in Florida wins!
4, Trump’s new crown, still behind afterwards, and the election reversed after Hard Drivegate emerged.
5, Mainstream media suppresses Dr. Yan Limon’s truth about the epidemic
A Biden victory would be a partnership with the WHO.
6, The Communist China extermination has begun in earnest.
7, Everybody, look at GTV.ORG to get the truth.


Our report broke a log jam in the Biden family investigation. This is a mess and should have been investigated years ago.

If anybody trying to work for a Biden White House had the connections that @JoeBiden & his family have with the Chinese Communist Party, they would not get a security clearance.That’s a serious issue to consider when you go to the polls.

1st mistake by the @WHO was allowing China to take charge of the investigation. 2nd was believing their findings. Communist China lied & kept the truth about the #Coronavirus from the global community & the WHO helped them. That’s why I’ve led the charge to investigate the WHO.

Get out & VOTE! Under my Administration, our ECONOMY is growing at the fastest rate EVER at 33.1%. Next year will be the GREATEST ECONOMIC YEAR in American History! Find your polling place below.

#MAGA2020 This video is from website, forwarded here to express congratulations to President Trump.

🔥Air Force Lieutenant General McInerney:
The Intelligence community has been politicized and been controlled by the swamp.
It is a clear choice on Tuesday that we vote to be a communist society or we are a free democratic republic
If we don’t win, this will be the last free election this county ever had

President Trump says “frankly, we did win this election” and that “we will be going to the U.S. Supreme Court. We want all voting to stop. We don’t want them to find any ballots at 4:00 in the morning and add them to the list..”

The president appears to alerting the public that the enemy strategy was to under-report states going to Trump, while forcing fraudulent ballots into the counting stations after polls closed so they could try to flip them back to Biden. Dirty tricks!

Fake News from Communist China

ChinaDaily:The United States has neither the qualifications nor the right to pose as a “human rights preacher,” nor should it become a spreader of political viruses and a disseminator of false information
Editors Comment:Biggest joke, greatest suppressor of people and democracy giving sermons.  Look within first

Hu Xijin :Rules are the root of democracy. The US is not taking the rules at home and abroad as seriously as before, and lies are being spoken with the same assurance as truth. These changes will eventually erode the American electoral system
Editors Comment:World is well aware of China’s unfair actions and that china don’t follow a single rule. China in fact is a rogue nation that needs to be handled

The next US admin. should recognize the “unstoppable expanding role” of the #China’s #economy, avoid a policy of “decoupling”, and unilaterally remove purchase commitment targets in the US-China phase one trade deal, according to researchers at a Washington-based think tank. 
Editors Comment:These think tanks are among the fallen fields of CCP’s BGY plan.  After President Trump reelected for his second term, it’s a huge task for him to drain the swamp.

LiuXiaoming:The Central Government of China is firmly committed to long-term stability&prosperity in #HongKong. The implementation of National Security Law will serve the interest of HK residents&provide a better business environment for international investors&foreign enterprises.
Editors Comment:Hong Kong is dead, for contact please burn paper money.

Wu Peng :The 5th China-Africa Youth Festival concluded. Young people visited CPPCC, villages and high-tech enterprises and experienced Chinese traditional culture. Many praised that this trip deepened their understanding of the Chinese politics, culture, sci-tech, and rural construction. Editors Comment:There is no country that treats foreigners better than China,  with even special privileges.

Popular Glossary Whistleblower Movement

Whistle-Blower Movement

The mission of the Whistleblower’s Movement is to save China, to prevent the CCP from implementing its plan of complete enslavement of the Chinese people, and dragging the rest of the World down the same path. This is an anti-CCP revolution initiated and organized by Mr. Guo WenGui. Relevant organizations include “Rule of Law Foundation”, “Rule of Law Society”, and “Himalaya Supervisory Authority”. On June 4,2020, the Himalayan Supervisory Authority announced the establishment of the “The New Federal State of China” to provide support and assistance to the Chinese persecuted by the CCP, and to deny and criticize the legitimacy of the CCP’s rule in China. Hao HaiDong, a highly decorated sports hero in China, read out the Declaration of “The New Federal State of China”. Announcing to the World that the new Chinese Federation was established.

Lady Gaga, Is That You with Hunter Biden? – Daily Express — 2020.11.03

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