The recent explosive revelations of Hunter Biden’s sexual escapades is not just some porn news, they point to the disturbing pattern of a dysfunctional political leader in Joe Biden, calling into question his judgement and his ability to govern and lead America as President should he be elected.

Joe Biden’s Disturbing Behaviour

As a political figure, Joe Biden has exhibited publicly, without shame his fondness of touching, sniffing and groping women. Unfortunately, Joe Biden was given a pass after pass by Main Stream Media (MSM) on several occasions because he was Vice President to Barack Obama. The MSM had decided not to affect Obama’s image had they probe further into Joe Biden’s improper conduct. This cover up by MSM did not stop Joe Biden. He was repeatedly cited for making improper sexual comments on women while on his campaign trail for the presidential bid in 2019.

After Joe Biden began his bid for 2020 Presidential Candidate, several women came forward to allege his improper sexual advances and harassment during his tenure in public office

In an article published last year, 8 women came forward to allege he had sexually harassed them. Some described Joe Biden grabbing them from behind, and “kissed the back of my head”, or smelled their hair, or hold on to them for longer than normal. It is worthy to note that most of these women are democrats; either they are staffers, organizers or supporters of the democrat party.  The most damning allegation comes from Tara Reade who up to today maintained that Joe Biden had violated her while she was a staff for then senator Joe Biden in 1992-1993. Her story was well documented and she has received a number of interviews, including by Meghan Kelly.

Hunter Biden’s Sexual Behaviour

From the laptop, we now know Hunter Biden has been engaging in sexual activities with several women, including with his sister in law (Beau Biden’s widowed wife) and his niece (Beau Biden’s daughter). Such acts of incest has rocked the public, calling into question why would Hunter Biden behave immorally.

We can draw our inferences of Hunter’s wicked behaviour from his father. We know that Joe Biden has a long history of harassing women. Given Joe Biden’s attitude towards women, it is not surprising Hunter follow his father’s footsteps and even elevate into a different level.

How does Hunter Biden’s behaviour affect the political scene? The fact that Hunter’s sexual immorality has been well documented shows that a strong organization is behind the scene, secretly recording his life. The motive is clear: to use these lewd videos and photos to blackmail Joe Biden into making decisions that favour the Chinese government. Joe Biden is and will be compromised by CCP, this foreign power into doing its bidding that will harm of disrupt the economic and national security of America.

By Richard

[The above content only represents the author’s own opinion]

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