EXCLUSIVE: Training scripts for Hunter Biden to refute criticism of his personal life and business dealings

Author: Himalaya MOS Translation

Hunter, Ignore Media Nonsense! Focus on Priority = Support Your Father

  1. Whoever you date/hangout is your personal matter, and it is your freedom. Your personal life has nothing to do with your business outside of your household. More importantly, your personal life has nothing to do with your father. Regardless who you are, your personal space and your freedom in personal life deserve to be respected and protected. Don’t let bad people abuse every small gossip they can find to distract you. There is an adage that says if someone wants to find fault in you, they will always find a way, no matter what you do. Why care about what they say?
  2. Maybe some people feel entitled to criticize their leader/president’s marital life, but they should not disturb the private life of president’s children and relatives, unless you are Donald Trump who practices nepotism obsessively by granting his family members top security clearance and promoting his children into key posts/government positions.
  3. You should be proud of your work as a lawyer and as a business executive. Through my work with you, I could tell you are a righteous person always interested in helping others and helping this country through your involvement in the business world. You were helping American companies and American entrepreneurs to make money in energy, agriculture, real estate, and sectors that our national policy promotes exports and investments globally. You have contributed to “Made in America” for this country’s best interest.

You treat your business partners not only fairly, but try to find the best solution with everyone’s interest in mind, even sometimes that sacrifices your own interest. No matter how experienced and gifted businessman you are, you will always stumble upon bad deals, dishonest individuals, or bad people who took advantage of you, and run into incompetent partners who cause burdens without your knowledge. These people’s conduct has nothing to do with you.

Trump advocate’s stupid book with exaggeration and fabrication on your business connection with Chinese or that NYTimes article mentioning a retired Hong Kong official trying to reach you/Uncle Jim when need help have no relevance whatsoever! “Fake friends”, “acquaintance of all sorts”, and even strangers, may have access to your contact info, so what? In business, you have no control over your counterparties’ action, you can’t predict the conduct of random businessmen who claim to “know you well” either. Some folks love to “namedrop” and call your number simply because of a casual conversation in public events, your attendance of formal business engagement, or after meeting in conferences. Nevertheless, as with any professionals or business executives, you are obligated to attend such functions/events and meet people from all walks of life from diverse cultures.

If there is anyone who deserve to be scrutinized for doing business with Chinese, it would be Donald Trump:

●  Trump real estate selling American citizenship cheaply to corrupted Chinese officials. He and his rich real estate friends’ “visa for rich” immigration program led rich + legal immigrants abuse U. S. social welfare (while those who really need the help couldn’t get any)!

●  Trump’s easygoing with Chinese “state-owned enterprise” ZTE amidst opposition from Congress

  • Trump also let China go easy on human rights violation


Further, his trade war with China has been a complete failure thus far, resulting in tremendous loss to Americans (from American farmers/energy companies, to enterprises across spectrum, to average people). As of now, we have the highest trade deficit in 30 years, but ironically China has not changed a single thing on unfair business practice and intellectual property thievery that have been going on for decades! Even if a look-good-on-paper agreement is reached, it will take years for China to enforce properly + the damage and expense already incurred (but could have been avoided).

I could agree with Trump that it is the right direction to re-evaluate China and prevent another country take advantage of the U. S., but Trump is so inexperienced with execution! By the way, keep in mind, before Trump, it was President Obama and your father’s administration who initiated this effort of curtail China’s global influence, and it was Democrats’ initiative to fight against Huawei espionage under President Obama and your father’s administration. The critics who first raise concerns about China’s raise to power and about trade are primarily Democrats. Trump should not take credit from the administration before him + play the China card to gain popularity. (If we were really to play the China card and debate on policy toward China, Blue should have the upper hand. Lastly, the mistakes made on China policy should really trace back to Republican era of Nixon/Kissinger and the Bushes were all pro-China, more so than anyone else.)

Last word on the trade war, we have a hand of good cards to start with, but Trump didn’t use it well, at least not fully utilize it, with his inexperience in diplomacy/international affairs, his arrogance and overconfidence, his poor strategy and subpar execution. I don’t mean to be arrogant, but I really think even I have better ideas than him and could have done much better negotiating for America.

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