Breaking ! 【3-34】Hunter Biden’s email shows: It’s evident that Biden’s family has betrayed America as they are in deep collaboration with CEFC controlled by the CCP

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Hunter Biden ’s astonishing videos and photos have came to our sight recently. He is the son of 46th Presidential candidate Joe Biden who is also the former vice-president of the United States. Videos and photos have shown Hunter Biden’s promiscuous lifestyle and also Biden family  members’ unnatural relationships with one another. The recent exposed emails from Hunter Biden also shows that Biden’s family has sold America out for their own huge benefit as they are in deep collaboration with CEFC China Energy which is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

On 18th April 2017 2:47 a.m. James Gillar sent an email to Hunter Biden and CC Jim Biden, reporting a new update regarding a collaboration in Oman. A person named Caesar represented as CEFC  China Energy also communicated with James Gillars in the emails. The emails has clearly shown the close relationship that Biden family is in with Ye Jianming and Zang Jianjun who is Executive Director of CEFC China Energy. In the email, it is clearly pointed out that Biden family’s influence in the United State is the basis for the deals to be successful . It is evident that Biden’s family has been making use of its political benefits in exchange for financial gain. Biden family’s decoupling with the Chinese Communist Party has facilitated an agreement between CEFC China Energy and General Idris and the Royal office from middle east resulting in the control of Iran pipeline by the CCP . All the projects that were signed with TFI were all granted to the CCP.

Below shows the content of emails :

From: James Gilliar Subject: Fwd: Oman
Date: April18,2017at2:47AM
Cc: ***

a short update please see transcripts below

Begin forwarded message:

From: <>
Subject: Re:Re: Oman
Date: 18 April 2017 at 13921935 GMT+4
To: “James Gilliar” <>

Dear James,
I have reported everything to Director Zang face to face.
Firstly, he asked me to convey his gratefulness to you and David, he thank you for your hard and fruitful work, he believe we have already got a excellent beginning, we will have more cooperation opportunities in Oman and other place.

Secondly, please convey his greetings to The B Family, their support is the base of CEFC’s further development.

Thirdly, Director Zang represent Chairmen Ye to sincerely invite Royal Office to visit CEFC in Shanghai, they will all be present then.

Lastly, Director Zang and Chairmen Ye will visit the US together in May, they are willing to have a meeting with H and you by any chance. Will discuss further cooperation opportunities in the US/ Middle East/ Europe then.

Director Zang Thank you again for your pragmatic arrangement and he is looking forward to see you soon.

Best Regards, Caesar

2017-04-18 13:13:31􏰃”James Gilliar”
A great team effort, and testimony to the chairmans and DZ Faith and vision
See u soon
Sent from my iPhone

On 18 Apr 2017, at 08:47, wrote:
Dear James,
I have just arrived at our Beijing office, thank you for your excellent job in Oman affairs. I will report your letter to Director Zang asap.
Best Regards, Caesar

2017-04-18 11:52:51″James Gilliar”

Guys important outputs from visit Oman

In the meeting with General Idris and the Royal office, the following has been agreed.

1.NBO, TFI is removed and CEFC can immediately begin the negotiations with Qatar entity to buy 34.9 per cent, Fin corp will navigate the purchase and should be mandated as they understand primaries, they will prepare other minorities too form majority. David will meet General and Royal office to finalise next week.

2.Dir. Lee Long intimated that Fin corp could be a target, David will develop

3.Meeting with Royal office went well and principals enjoyed the outputs, the meeting exceeded its planned timetable, which is hugely positive.

  1. Dr. Salem has been told to step aside by Royal office I will describe in a separate note.
  2. From the 1st May, all projects signed with TFI will be offered to CEFC. 6. CEFC will begin to discuss with Min of Oil and Gas projects direct.
  3. CEFC will begin to discuss with Min of Oil and Gas projects direct.
  4. David has Oman/ Iran pipeline and will develop

Observations, Royal office mentioned the U.S support had been, and was a big factor. I would suggest planning a visit in Shanghai with Royal office ASAP, with US team present, this would be a EXCELLENT PR. Director Z to host ?

The offer of a 100 per cent owned Omani company for CEFC sends a strong message to international and domestic observers, only one other company, Babcock a UK security firm has this to my info, this is because locals cannot interfere in this business. TH offer is that they understand the same applies to CEFC, CEFC should be invisibly linked with the R O ,and everyone understands this is the reason there is no local partners, I would strongly advise taking this forwards as its a significant gesture from the Sultan.
More data to follow, but these are the primary outputs.

CEFC met all expectations and director L Y did an excellent job, the General conveyed his greetings to the Chairman and Director Zang as he was well briefed on the drivers. He was thrilled with his gift and where David and i. Many thanks to the Chairman

Kindest James

Relevant Personnel:

  1. Sender of the email James Gillar is from an international consulting firm J2CR. He is an British business man and Hunter Biden’s business partner .
  2. Director Zeng: former Executive Director of CEFC Zeng Jianjun
  3. Director Ye : founder and former Chairman of CEFC China Energy Company Limited. He has been under detention in China since March 2018 on charges of bribery.
  4. NBO: National Bank of Oman
  5. General Idris: former Chief of Staff of the Supreme Military Council


  1. Oman
  2. CEFC:
  3. Report of Li Yong ,the executive director of CEFC meeting with General Idris ( 18th Nov 2017)
  4. Ye Jianming: CEFC ’ goal and path differ from normal enterprises ( 22 Dec 2017)
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