Exclusive! Why Hunter Biden Chose the Way Opposite to the Principal of Beau BBF

With the exposure of a laptop hard drive labeled “Beau Biden Foundation”, Hunter Biden’s various ‘Colorful ‘ sex videos and emails of corruption dealings became the focus of scandals of sex and politician…

The below registration documents of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office are impressive. The “Beau Biden Foundation for Child protection ” clearly writes about the 35th and 41st article:

Article 35: Business consulting in the field of educational leadership development, including  child protection, raising awareness and prevention of child abuse and bullying.

Article 41: Educational services, which are courses, seminars, and training in the field of child protection, awareness and prevention of child abuse and bullying.

As the brother of the late Beau Biden and the current chairman of the foundation, Hunter Biden acted as philanthropist to do indescribable things. There exposed many sexy videos about Hunter Biden with underage girls in his hard drives . Although there have been many sexy scandals in the world , they are nothing comparing to Hunter Biden’s . As common people , it is hardly to imagine what Hunter Biden has done through exposed his photos or videos . He is extreme promiscuous in his life , his sexy partner even including his underage niece , his sister in law. Hunter Biden has such a hobby that people really can’t imagine how he got on this path? He also wrote himself a Hollywood script—”My Mystery of Myself“. It is turned out that Hunter Biden is an unique guy in the world!

Since he chose the opposite direction to the purpose of the “Beau Biden Foundation”, his ending is certain to destroy himself . I hope one day Hunter Biden can have chance to tell public what is his mystery in future!

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