Exclusive! The Foundation of Hunter Biden Maybe just Another Shell Company

From the below meeting minutes of BBF, it is proved that Hunter Biden, who has a penchant for child abuse(according to source), he is a core board member of the BBF. And the main discussion at the meeting was how to raise funds and build partnerships with banks.

From financial report, we knew the BBF has no other valuable assets other than three bank accounts and $1,345 in office equipment. With total expenses for FY18 of $1,120,390.00, of which $217,294 was spent on golf activities and $404,406.00 in employee salaries.

It appears that the main income and expenses revolve around a particular golf activity. There is not much real business in child protection.

It is therefore possible that the foundation is a shell company and conducts other monetary operations under the guise of child protection.

Board Members:

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