Who were two Chinese donators in Francis Peter’s Congress nomination in 2016 ? And what secrets are in the hard drives?


Fransic Peter is a former aide of Vice-President Joe Biden. He was a Democratic candidate seeking election to the U.S. House of Representatives to represent South Carolina’s 5th District in 2016.

On a website of campaignmoney.com , strange donations from two Chinese named of  Zhang Bo and Shao Jinglan , who they lived  Chevy Chase , MD, show on the website. The address is the same as the addresses of two companies called Harves Interactive Media and Harves Century Group. [ 1]

Now it’s very suspicious whether their donations comply with the Federal Election Commission law, unless these two donors are both holding US passports. [ 2]

On LinkedIn, Fransic Person profiles himself as an Executive Vice President of Harves Group in Washington DC Since 2015 [ 3].  This is the same time when the political donations made to Fransic Person .

Why did Fransic got involved with this company [ 4]? How did they get to know each other? Now we haven’t yet get an answer.

According to Lude Media, now we learn that Ms Shao Jinglan is Mr. Zhang bo’s mother. They run a very big company in China. In fact, the real identity of Zhang bo is even more shocking. He was an illegitimate son of Xi Jinping, the Chairman of Communist China. That why he and his family’s enterprise was so successful although he was under 30 years ago. Lude has also exposed that Zhang Bo is a super spy in USA.

Let’s revisit exposed emails from Hunter Biden’s hard drive by GTV.

On July 29, 2015, Fransic Person wrote an email talking about Zhang Bo’s Family and his company, which kept a very low profile and few Chinese people knew this company. But Fransic knew it.

Zhang Bo’s father-in-law is the governor of Hainan province. Fransic invited Hunter Biden’s family to visit China with him, to know better Zhang Bo and see what Harves has done .

A few days later, Fransic Person wrote another email to invite Hunter Biden travel to China again. In the letter, no meeting agenda was mentioned, it was all about mountain-top yoga, beach and thousands of hot springs!

Maybe 2015’s trip was Hunter Biden’s the first step into hell of CCP. He had no idea of what kind of evil was here waiting for him …

As the continuous exposure of dark secrets in Hunter Biden’s laptop, more and more people realize that the whole Biden Family a criminal family. They conspired with evil Chinese communist party (CCP), they must be heavily punished by American Law.

When Joe Biden was spying on Obama in the White House[ 5] , Hunter Biden never thought that a bigger spying network had already been spying on him day in and day out.

Zhang bo, Shao Jinglan are all a part of CCP’s BGY plan and 3F plan and Hunter Biden played a key role in it. [ 6]


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