Win 2020, Vote For President Trump And Make America Great Again

Himalayan San Francisco

Author: Wen Gang

Proofread: Amos

There was a carpool rally launched by Republicans and patriots in California Bay Area on Sunday, 11/1/2020. There were only 2 days before re-election. In order to wake up more Americans to vote for Mr. president Trump, and hope more people to vote for Republicans in states and Congress especially in California because they are mostly Democratic here and the governor is a Democratic!. After Mr. Miles Guo and the whistleblower movement are revealing the hard drive of Hunter Biden who is a former vice president Joe Biden’s son, more and more Americans know the truth and stand up for their rights and freedom!

So many cars and trucks came from different cities and met in the Bay Area! Parents with kids, a grandfather with grandchildren, a mother with a daughter, and friends together were so excited to support the Republican party and Mr. President Trump to win 2020!  Their cars and trucks were decorated with American flags,  President Trump and Vice President Pence win 2020 flags, Make America Great Again T-shirt, hat and mask, etc.  GOP Chair and vice-Chair gave a small meeting at the beginning. No race, no color, only determination for supporting President Trump!

When the cars and trucks drove on El Camino Real, the cars honked wildly whatever people who are supporting President Trump or against him. Police officials parked their cars on the street to let carpool rally drove through. The carpool rally was driving on the right lane which war required. Even though it was traffic sometimes, they drove on another lane but they drove back again when it got a space. Each city police officers were waiting on the street when the carpool rally passed by. The people sitting in cars and trucks waved flags to police officers and people for thanks! Patriots were standing in front of their house, business stores and street took pictures and videos, and held up their thumbs. It was so sweet that two young guys rode motorcycles ahead and stood a fork road to remind the driver not to wrong way. And the most impressive thing was a gray hair old man was hanging up the American flag whole rally till the end.

It is America! Those are Americans! Everybody has the speech of freedom and uses it to protect their country and fight against the darkness and evil. The people of the New Federal State of China are also Standing up to fighting for freedom, dignity, and rights! The people love this country and the president deeply. We are all blessing Mr. President Trump wins 2020! God bless America! God bless Pr. President Trump! And Make America Great Again!

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