Lady Gaga, Is That You with Hunter Biden? – Daily Express — 2020.11.03

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Lady Gaga, is that you with Hunter Biden?

Guo Wengui



November 2: Believe in the Communist Party …… into the crematorium!

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Li-Meng YAN:   Unrestricted Bioweapon

Because most scientists don’t believe there is such a devil exists in the world. Some scientists still need to get their funding from their boss. Some of their boss or government May still believe they can obtain the vaccine from CCP. Will always be with you, my hero.

Steve Bannon War Room

War Room: Pandemic Ep 469 – A Wake Up

War Room: Pandemic Ep 470 – Hammer

  • 6/8/18 Hunter and Devon, the halcyon days are over. Devon goes to trial and Hunter is squeezed from all sides.
  • “guys you’re up against are all over me along w 6 of their overseas counterparts and nytimes WSJ
  •  etc.” Nobody knew nothin’ /s
  • Gun control BidenCrimeFamilly style. Jansens FBI SecretService
  • “when the FBI and Secret Service came”
  •  “She stole the gun . . scared I would harm myself … she was afraid for the kids . . . she was scared of me” 
  • @NRA @JoeBiden Nobody knew nothin’ ???????
  1. Plausible deniability JimBiden way. Hire attorney to be the go between so Hunter and #BidenCrimeSyndicate & HudsonWest can $$$ US petroleum assets for PatrickHo  Spy CEFC CCP JiaQi SaraBiden OmahaBank America for sale. @JoeBiden is a Nat Sec risk.
  2. Hunter needs to know who #RonaldCoston aka Ronald Vincent Coston is.Hires PI  We have the receipts. See billing notes above. #BidenCrimeFamiily is very crafty, paranoid, depraved and losing the plausible deniability. Next stop meeting in Atlanta LapTopFromHell
  3. How the “lawyer” AKA PlausibleDeniability got to Atlanta for the “face to face meeting” w/ Hunter Jim JaiQi see billing notes. We have the receipts @JoeBiden

Hunter still a Burisma Director getting $36,000 a month last YEAR???? We have the receipts.

  • “our Polish colleague will comment personally that he also on the Board.” “to cool down the media” 
  • #Burisma controlling the Hunter narrative in spring 2014.
  • Remember, nobody knew but ChrisHeinz and he’s not talking. Omerta @JohnKerry?

Lude Media

11/2/2020 Bloomberg RED MIRAGE Plan Exposure: Create Chaos After Joe Biden ‘s failure/ Emails in Biden Shows Kamala Harris Together Earned Money from CCP/ Gong Wen Dong and Hunter Biden Has Joint Account in Cathy Bank

Red Mirage, compromised FBI director, Hunter’s bank account with the CCP

  1. Lude describes the Red Mirage project funded by Micheal Bloomberg to deal with the scenario of a Biden loss.
  • a. Antifa will be mobilized to create chaos after Election Day.
  • b. 39% of mail-in ballots will be relocated as needed.
  • c. Media will manage public expectation by spreading information that three out of four Biden supporters will vote by mail.
  • d. 500 lawyers are lined up to dispute ballots.
  1. Bloomberg has close relationship with Wang Qishan (王岐山), China’s vice president.
  2. Red Mirage is echoed by the internal guidance of the CCP propaganda Cankaoxiaoxi (参考消息) , which tells its editors to focus on pandemic, Antifa chaos, and stock market crash for the post US election coverage.
  3. The FBI director Chris Wray has ties with the Bidens.
  • a. Wray’s former employer King & Spalding (K&S) advised Rosneft and Gasprom.
  • b. According to Bobulinski, Hunter Biden represented Ye Jianmin (叶简明, CEFC chairman) for the failed deal, in which CEFC tried to acquire 14% interests in Rosneft.
  • c. Lude says S&K is a vehicle for Hunter to receive money from the CCP.
  1. The CCP controls the Chinese people by putting the Party above the law. The CCP is doing the same to the Americans by infiltrating the DOJ, FBI, and CIA.
  2. According to Lude, Trump will fire the FBI director, the CIA director, and defense secretary after the election.
  3. The CCP paid Hunter’s expenses but with supervision. Dong Gongwen (董功文, Ye Jianmin’s financial controller) and Hunter Biden opened a bank account Hudson West III LLC in Cathay Bank in 2017. The bank account required Dong and Hunter’s signatures to transfer money over $10,000. The bank transaction records are important evidence, currently in the hand of Bo Tiantian (薄甜甜).

11/02/2020 Lude Media: Mclnerney Said , This Will Be The Final Free Election If Trump Failed

A time for choosing

  1. Thomas McInerney, a retired US Air Force Lieutenant General, says the intelligence agencies have been politicized. The presidential election will decide if the US stays as a democratic country or becomes a communism country.
  2. The Obama administration looked away from the CCP’s aggression on the South China Sea region. If Biden wins, the CCP will continue to build up its military with unlimited resources.
  3. Dr. Bo’s friend told him the liberal party supporters are either naive or evil. Biden supporters are either fooled by the left media’s disinformation or participants in the corruption.
  4. Hunter Biden’s text messages hint inappropriate relationships with many college students and friends of his sister-in-law.

11/2/2020 LUDE MEDIA : NERDS vs CCP


Biden can never negotiate with China. They would own the U.S. if he were ever President!

Joe Biden is bought and paid for by Big Tech, Big Media, Big Donors, and powerful special interests. They are desperate for him to win because they own him, they control him, and they know he will always do their bidding!

.@SecPompeo: We are watching the world unite to come to understand the threat from the Chinese Communist Party.

We strongly condemn the arrests of 8 pan-democratic Hong Kong politicians. This attempt to intimidate pro-democracy representatives is another example of the Hong Kong government’s complicity with the authoritarian CCP. We stand with the people of Hong Kong.

🔥“Red Mirage”!
Lude Media
@lude reveals the “Red Mirage” plan by Antifa on the election night. They plan for riots around the White House and to challenge the legitimacy of the election result once Pres Trump declares victory. Mike Bloomberg is behind this.The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has severely infiltrated the US!

🔥Air Force Lieutenant General McInerney:
The Intelligence community has been politicized and been controlled by the swamp.
It is a clear choice on Tuesday that we vote to be a communist society or we are a free democratic republic
If we don’t win, this will be the last free election this county ever had

Fake News from Communist China

The CCP owns everything in China Huawei also. Jack Ma Gets a Warning From China on Ant’s Rapid Expansion… via @YahooFinance

Editors Comment:Jack Ma is the victim between Xi Jinping’s struggle with Jiang Zemin.

Popular Glossary Whistleblower Movement

The truth is non-negotiable:

“The truth is non-negotiable” is a key phrase that Mr. Guo Wengui often speaks about on air. It is also an important concept for the Whistleblower’s Movement. Mr. Guo Wengui insists that his Whistleblower’s Movement must adhere to the truth, this is what has built and sustained his credibility and reputation, and of the Whistleblower’s Movement. This revolution, combined with the ” The truth is non-negotiable” approach, presents a brutal and stark picture of the evil of the CCP. It has awakened thousands of followers and fuels the movement to fight courageously.

Mr. Guo Wengui has lived up to this fundamental principle since his revolutionary beginnings. Everything he has said and done has withstood historical scrutiny. For years, the CCP have been looking for dirt on Mr. Guo. He has been accused of everything from “rapist” to “Guo San-Miao”… but they have been unable to find anything but fabricated smears, and that is why so many of his supporters follow him. Mr. Guo’s the truth is non-negotiable can completely defeat ‘false, ugly, scandalous and evil’.

The Hunter laptop contains phone numbers for the Clintons–2020.11.02

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