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Mclnerney Said , This Will Be The Final Free Election If Trump Failed

• Retired U.S. Airforce Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney said on Steve Bannon’s Warrooom:
1. U.S. intelligence community has been politicalized and fully controlled by those swamp creatures.
2. The election day will decide whether America is a democracy or socialist totalitarian state.
3. If Trump loses, it will be the last free election in the history of this country.

• Hunter Biden’s chat log with multiple college girls and a female relative has been revealed.

• 12 Battleground states will likely decide the future of the U.S. The Voting Will End Nov. 3, but the legal battle probably won’t. If Joe Biden gets elected, more unaccountable state officials and bureaucrats would have the power to control U.S. investment and production, just like in Communist China.

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4 months ago

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