Bombshell Explosive news: The sixth wave is coming- -106#Jiaqi’s Bao mail to Hunter Biden

Editor: Rose Sky;Producer:Rose Sky 

March 16, 2018 at 6:25 pm

From: Bao Jiaqi
Recipient: Hunter Biden; Robert Biden
Subject: 2017 project summary and 2018 list of potential opportunities.
Any constructive criticism and editorial notes from you will be greatly appreciated.

The world is being shrouded in the darkness of the Chinese Communist Party, are you ready? If you are not ready, you wait to pay the price; if you are ready, there is only one way,take down the Chinese Communist Party! — By Miles Guo,May 23, 2020

世界正在被共產黨的黑暗所籠罩,你準備好了嗎? 如果沒有準備好,你等著付出代價;如果你準備好了,只有一條路,幹掉共產黨! ——郭文貴先生2020年5月23日

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We Are America
6 months ago

Diamond And Silk Pray With President Trump And A Personal Message From We Are America



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