War Room 463-464 Summary: Continue to Expose the $1 Million Contract Between Hunter Biden and CCP Spy Patrick Ho.

Reporter: Jenny Ball

Translator: Riverside

The War Room invited Jack Posobiec, Rudy Giuliani and  Raymond Ibrahim on episodes 463 and 464 to further expose the $1 million contract between Hunter Biden and the CCP spy, Patrick Ho. Police already made the arrest, and Wray, the FBI chief director, should have been fired this morning. The criminal group organized around the Biden family sold the Americans to the CCP and other foreign governments including the Russians.

When Hunter Biden served on the executive board of the Bohai Capital Holding Co., the CCP invested $30 million in buying facial recognition software, which was later used to persecute the Uyghur people in Xinjiang. The War Room acquired the exclusive evidence from the hard drive. According to Posobiec, the Heinz family will come forward to testify.

It was a win-win trade between the Biden criminal group and the CCP, but it has been, and always will be, a significant loss for the innocent Chinese and American people. Every penny that the Biden criminal group made into their pocket came from exploitation, and thus is dirty with innocent people’s blood.

Giuliani stated that crimes revealed were plotted against the U.S., which included espionage and hustling, and they were covered under the RICO Act. In January, Giuliani provided plenty of supporting evidence and witnesses to the court regarding the bribe that Biden received from Ukrainians. The FBI initially expressed interest but soon excluded Giuliani from the later investigation. Giuliani stated that he was wrong to think that Biden and the Democrats were not above the law.

More information on the crimes committed by the Biden family could be viewed with the War Room talk. 


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