Jeff Cooper, The White Gloves of Biden Family

— His wife and Hunter’s ex-wife are high school classmates

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Hunter Biden and Jeff Cooper’s email on May 5, 2014 directly included Joe Biden, the Vice President of the United States. Although there are only a few short sentences of dialogue, there must be a lot of hidden information. Who is Jeff Cooper? Who is Simmons? Why did Joe Biden appear in Jeff Cooper’s email again?

According to The National Pulse, Jeff Cooper was mentioned in another email from Hunter to Miguel Aleman Magnani in Mexico, in which Hunter wrote: “I’ve asked for every One person was brought to the White House, the Vice President’s Office and the inauguration ceremony.” On the one hand this indicates the role of Hunter in the White House, but on the other hand it also shows Jeff Cooper’s involvement in the White House and Mexico.

Mr. Jeff Cooper’s third appearance in the public eye made the clues clearer. In a long email from 27 to 28 January 2015 in Hunter about Burisma’s involvement in the Pemex (National Petroleum Corporation of Mexico), Jeff wrote: “According to Miguel’s instructions, I’m in contact with Pemex Energy Department. Collect information about this process… I’m trying to make a budget presentation to Brisma, which will be completed by the weekend…”

The name of Burisma, which appears in the email, is believed to be very familiar to many readers. Hunter Biden’s appearance on the company’s board of directors caused a lot of controversy after it was disclosed by many media in May 2014. After Russia’s embezzlement of Crimea in 2014, Russia was subject to economic sanctions from the United States and Europe and other Western countries. Subsequently, Brisma Company participated in Ukraine’s oil and gas pipeline project and “legally” circumvented the relevant sanctions, and later involved Vice President Joe Biden’s direct demand for the dismissal of the President of Ukraine. Scandal of former Attorney General Victor Shokin. Burisma, like Bohai Huamei BHR, are critical tools for the Biden family to blending with corrupted traitor groups such as the CCP and Russia.

Miguel Aleman Magnani mentioned in the email is the president and CEO of Mexican Interjet Airlines. His father, Miguel Alemán Velasco, was a Mexican politician and used to be served as Mexico. Senator and governor. He is currently the president and CEO of Grupo Alemán. According to public information, the Miguel family has strong political influence and commercial power in Mexico, and according to exposed Hunter emails, they is an important player in the business dealings between Burisma and Pemex.

From Hunter’s emails, the public saw that from Burisa to Pemex, from Ukraine to Mexico, and from Kazakhstan to Africa, the Biden family has long been entrenched on the big cake of oil and gas, and their hands stretched longer and longer. So what role did Jeff Cooper play in the deal between Burisma and Pemex? Who is Jeff Cooper?


Jeff is the abbreviation of Jeffrey, Jeff Cooper also used an email address which called Eudora Global. According to National Pulse, Eudora Global is an investment company founded by Jeff Cooper in 2010, and Hunter Biden is one of the partner and board member of the company. Even though there is no relevant information can be found on the company’s website, Hunter Biden and Jeff Cooper can still be seen on the earlier archived page above. And we can see that Jeff Cooper is also an executive partner of Simons Cooper LLC, so Jeff Cooper’s “Simmons” mentioned in the email surfaced.

Simmons’ official website shows that Simons Cooper LLC was a legal adviser company and renamed to Simons Hanly Conroy LLC in 2009. Simons Cooper LLC can be seen from a report in the Los Angeles Times entitled Biden Family Ties Pose Questions on August 28, 2008. He built up a very close relationship with the Biden family in 2006, when the company helped Hunter Biden and his uncle raising two million dollars to buy a hedge fund and paid as little as $1 million. The background of this funding may be that Simons Cooper LLC received covert help from Senator Joe Biden and Delaware Attorney General Bo Biden (Hunt’s brother).

In the Los Angeles Times report, it was also mentioned that Jeff Cooper’s wife and Hunter’s ex-wife are high school classmates. It may be because of this connection that Jeff Cooper and Hunter climbed into contact and acted as white gloves for the Biden family. 

The link to the report is as follows:

At the same time, Jeff Cooper can see more than 400 donations to Democratic-related activities and organizations posted by a non-profit organization on the political donation website, and the company information includes Eudora Global, Simons Law Firm and Simons Cooper LLC are the names mentioned in this article. The intention of these donations is not published on the website, but according to the 2008 report of the Los Angeles Times mentioned above, Simons Cooper LLC has spent $6.4 million on lobbying in Washington since 2002, which indicates that Jeff Cooper is an intermediary between the political and commercial circles of the United States.

According to this information, Jeff Cooper himself and his companies such as Eudora Global and Simons, as well as the link between the Biden family and Democrats, are very clear.” Is your father coming to me?” This sentence in the email is not Hunter, but his father, the actual big boss hiding behind the scenes, Joe Biden. And we believe that this exposed information is only the tip of the iceberg.

Finally, it’s not clear whether Joe Biden has gone to Simons, but it can be confirmed that Joe Biden must have been directly involved in Hunter’s series of business activities, rather than what he has been cheating on the American people about “I’ve never discussed overseas business transactions with Hunter”.

It is obviously that Jeff Cooper and Simons have played a very disgraceful role in the illegal money trading of the Biden family, The net of heaven has large meshes, but it lets nothing through. Mr. Tony Bobulinski, a former partner of the Biden family, has bravely stood up to testify against the Biden family, because of these real patriots have seen the harm of the Biden family to the United States. So where will be the way for Mr. Jeff Cooper and his friends finally to go? Let’s wait and see!

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