White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro on the Case Against “Useful Idiots” and Joe Biden

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“This is the Godfather IV with Joe Biden as the Godfather, Jim is the mastermind monetizing the Biden name internationally, and Hunter is the witless bagman collecting the money and distributing it to the family”1

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The Epoch Times interviewed Peter Navarro for an article related to Joe Biden. Peter outlines clearly why this is an unprecedented situation that the United States finds itself in during this election season. What follows is a paraphrased summary from this interview with my comments intermingled.

Marx and Lenin coined the phrase “useful idiots” to refer to “fools within the state” who wish to advance their own goals but do not grasp, or don’t care about, the full implications of achieving them. The Democrats, in their headlong zeal to gain power, have become useful idiots for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Many greedy, immoral actors in the US are collaborating with the CCP.

The National Basketball League (NBA) is a prime example. The NBA is engaged in stinking hypocrisy entirely for their greed. When dribbling and promoting their investment in China they “see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil”, entirely overlooking the gross abuses of human rights in that country by the CCP. These abuses are by now well documented – sweatshop labour making their sneakers, Uyghurs, Falun Gong, Christians all religious Hong Kong protestors, academics, lawyers or anybody speaking out against the authoritarian regime.

At home in the US, the NBA self-righteously talks about how repressive the US is and supports protest movements like BLM. By their actions (and inaction) “they feed the narrative that China’s authoritarian economic system is superior to ours”.

Another example. Antifa/BLM rioters burning and looting our cities. The CCP love it. They point to this and claim that Democracy is chaos and authoritarianism leads to stability.

Hollywood changes scripts to please the CCP to sell to the Chinese market. Silicon Valley and Wall Street inject American citizens’ retirement funds into CCP-controlled companies that make weapons to aim at Americans, pharmaceuticals of questionable quality to sell to Americans, technology to spy on Americans, Fentanyl to poison Americans, and Coronaviruses to kill Americans.

Perhaps worst of all is the mainstream media. Once the fourth estate – trusted to be the watchdog over the legislative, executive and judicial branches of Government – it has completely abandoned this role and is instead acting seemingly in unison with the Democratic party and by extension, the CCP.

Image Source: thetimes.co.uk

Joe Biden is a useful idiot in a category all by himself. He is a 47-year veteran of American politics. He took the oath of office as Vice-President, he took the oath of office as a Senator six times, he studied and practiced American Law. He has benefited fully from all the freedoms afforded a US citizen. Yet at some point in his career, he decided to work against his country as a traitor. The now infamous Hunter Biden laptop establishes without a doubt that Joe Biden has spent decades selling his country to the highest bidder. There is now no longer any doubt that the laptop is Hunter Biden’s and that the documents and emails that it contains are genuine – the media just needs to catch up to that fact. The conclusions are damning in the extreme. The biggest political scandal in the history of America and possible anywhere.

This is the Godfather IV with Joe Biden as the Godfather, Jim is the mastermind monetizing the Biden name internationally, and Hunter is the witless bagman collecting the money and distributing it to the family”. This is the wet dream of the progressive wing of the Democratic party and the CCP. If Joe gets elected he will be ousted with the aid of these revelations and Kamala Harris – another useful idiot with even fewer ethics and experience and much more closely aligned to Marxism/Communism – will become President.

Peter uses the term “tacit collusion” to describe how the Democrat party and the CCP have worked together to attempt to defeat Trump. The Democrats are useful idiots because they do not fully grasp that they are collaborating with a regime which may hand them the Presidency, but ultimately that wants to destroy our country. “Joe Biden is just not mentally fit for the job, and on top of that, totally compromised by the CCP”.

The worst collusion has been regarding the CCP-virus. We now know from the reports of Dr. Li-Meng Yan that the CCP manufactured it and spread it to the West. The media and the Democrats have, once again, refused to even acknowledge these reports and encourage the study of the origin of the virus. “My one regret in this campaign is that we were unable to punch through the mainstream media to raise awareness among the American people that this virus did indeed come from the Chinese Communist Party and they’re killing Americans, and there should be more outrage than there is. This issue should be more relevant at the ballot box”. It is disingenuous in the extreme to, on the one hand, blame President Trump for the virus deaths, and then, on the other hand, refuse to push for clarity about the CCP’s hand in this pandemic.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the Democrats, in their headlong zeal to gain power have become useful idiots for the Chinese Communist Party. Many greedy, immoral actors in the US are collaborating with the CCP. They must not be allowed to seize the reigns of power. Our enviable freedoms will cease to exist.

1. Peter Navarro on US Trade Policy with China and Allegations About the Biden Family’s Business Dealings, Epoch Times, October 31, 2020

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