Exclusive‼️Dong Gongwen who worked for YE Jianming purposely approached Hunter Biden and they jointly opened an account at Cathay Bank

  • Through a man whose first name is Raymond, DONG Gongwen (an associate of YE Jianming) got acquainted with Hunter Biden
  • DONG Gongwen and Hunter Biden opened bank account(s) at Cathay Bank in the name of “Hudson West III LLC”
  • On September 14, 2017, a Multiple-Signature Agreement was entered by and between Cathay Bank and Hudson West III LLC, pursuant to which any withdrawal or check drawn against the account(s) exceeding USD$10,000.01 should be co-signed by DONG Gongwen and Hunter Biden
  • DONG Gongwen signed as the President of Hudson West V LLC, and Hunter Biden signed as the Chairman of OWASCO P.C.
  • OWASCO P.C. is Hunter Biden’s law firm

1. DONG Gongwen met with Hunter Biden

2. Cathay Bank’s Multiple-Signature Agreement (executed)


The Bannon War Room revealed on October 29, 2020 that Hunter Biden’s OWASCO, P.C. articles of incorporation dated December 22, 2005, which was established long before his father Joe Biden became the vice president.

4. Brief Introduction of Relevant Person/Company:

DONG Gongwen (aka Kevin Dong):

DONG Gongwen was the Chief Financial Officer for CEFC China Energy (“CEFC”), an associate of YE Jianming.  According to the online information, Dong was a branch manager of the China Communication Bank (Zhengzhou branch), who later worked at the headquarter of the China Communication Bank. Dong participated the establishment of Haitong Securities and became its first Chairman of the Board of Directors. He later participated in the establishment of Kaiyuan Fund and Kaiyuan Urban Development Fund.

Dong recently purchased two luxury apartments in Manhattan, New York, one of which is located at 15 Central Park West with purchase price of $50.55 Million and one at 432 Park Avenue with purchase price of $33 Million.

You will find interwoven relationship among DONG Gongwen and Hunter Biden based on this Cathay Bank agreement.  There are more are coming, stay tuned!

Hudson West III LLC

Hudson West III LLC was established on April 19, 2016 at Delaware. Some source says that Owasco P.C. (Hunter Biden’s lobby firm) helped set up this entity, whose members include Hunter Biden (or its special purpose vehicle), DONG Gongwen and other Chinese (https://www.city-journal.org/hunter-biden-china-engagement).

Cathay Bank:

Cathay Bank (traditional Chinese: 國泰銀行; simplified Chinese: 国泰银行) is a Sino-American bank based in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 1962, it has since expanded its network throughout California and into Massachusetts, New York, Texas, Washington, Illinois, New Jersey, Nevada, Maryland, and Hong Kong. Additionally, it has representative offices in Shanghai and Taipei.

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