Quotations from the Mr. Mask Show( 2/11/2020)

Translator: Wen Y. Wen
Proofreading: Mr. Snail

Mr. Giuliani’s deep digging of the Biden’s hard drive incident is basically synchronized with the launch of several major events published on GNEWS. With the development of the Biden hard drive incident proceeding all over the world, the US battlefield with Mr. Giuliani as the official representative and the Whistleblower Movements of GNEWS teamed up seamlessly to form a assembled fist power.

Mr. Giuliani is very acquainted with the details of hard drives. What he said is also very detailed. Especially on what Biden met in Iraq and Ukraine during his time as Vice President, Mr. Giuliani talked about it in very specific details. Fox host Maria, Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Johnson, and other important government figures have all come out to explain and analyze ‘Biden’s hard drive incident.

Liu He presided over the special meeting of the Financial Committee mentioning CCP’s forcibly implements digital currency, digital economy, blockchain economy and comprehensive supervision of financial activities, China will completely become a financial prison. CCP will “reasonably and legally” snatch people’s property!

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