Breaking the news about the ultimate battle of the revolution series 8: Lutheran News Agency exposes the Nobel Prize winner "World Food Agency" US chairman as "addict" Hunter, breaking the news that the revolution has changed the destiny of mankind

On the morning of November 1, U.S. Eastern time, the Revolutionary Lutheran News Agency exposed the contact email between Hunter, the son of US Democratic presidential candidate Biden, and the CCP agent. The email content was Hunter’s confirmation of the list of personnel for the 16th UN Food Conference. .

Luther pointed out that the U.S. chairman of the World Food Agency is Hunter, a “junky man”, and Hunter can arbitrarily arrange personnel to participate in the United Nations Food Conference. The Nobel Prize won at that time was an insult to all mankind.

Luther stated that the CCP is trying to control relevant UN departments or international agencies, including food, to achieve the goal of enslaving mankind. Luther revealed that this U.S. election will determine the fate of all mankind. About 25,000 thugs planned to surround the White House after the U.S. presidential election in an attempt to create riots to challenge the foundation of the United States, and the National Guard is ready.

Luther quoted Mr. Bannon’s view that President Trump was close to losing the election due to his missed accountability for the CCP’s “extra-limit biological weapons”, but he broke the news and reversed the decline after exposing the hard drive.

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