Un-Australian ABC NEWS echoed CCP’s propaganda

After a tumultuous thunderstorm and hailstorm on Saturday night, I woke up the next morning astonished to find a tendentious, unsubstantiated, and deeply concerning report on ABC News titled “They once peddled misinformation for Guo Wengui and Steve Bannon. Now they’re speaking out” . This report (hereby referred as “ABC report”) was co-authored by ABC investigation journalists Echo Hui and Hagar Cohen.

Let us comb through this report and find out how deficient (if any) the investigations that were carried out before the authors made false allegations against the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China.

False accusations against Miles Guo, number one enemy of the CCP

Firstly, this report wrongfully claimed that Mr. Guo Wengui “made his billions in property development in China” and “together with Steve Bannon, Mr. Guo launched an aggressive anti-Chinese Communist Party (CCP) movement”.

Mr. Guo did not make profits from the Chinese domestic market. On the contrary, his tens of billions of dollars’ worth of assets were unlawfully frozen and confiscated by the CCP since he inaugurated the Whistle-blower Movement.

The publicly available US Department of Justice documents (1, 2) revealed the CCP’s unlawful multi-pronged campaign to lobby the US government to extradite Mr. Guo back to China. This multi-national campaign involved top officials in China, UAE, Malaysia and USA.

The article declared Mr. Guo’s “controversial” tactics and involvement in “spruiking a number of dangerous conspiracy theories and misinformation” on no substantive grounds. The truth is that Mr. Guo has, based on substantive evidence, exposed the CCP’s ambitions of Hitlerism and Marxism-Leninism, which is the greatest existential threat to the world’s peace and security.

One example of Mr. Guo’s achievement was his disclosure of HNA Group’s tunnelling of staggering amounts of assets by the CCP kleptocrats and their lackeys for their wildly extravagant lifestyle and underground activities aiming to infiltrate and undermine the western civilisation. The HNA had collapsed owing to Mr. Guo’s disclosure leaving an enormous debt. If the authors were impartial, why did they not do their basic research into these facts about Mr Guo?

Mr. Guo was and still is the No.1 enemy of the CCP and the whistleblower movement poses a real threat to the illegitimate CCP regime. The Stanford University Internet Observatory Cyber Policy Center in a report in June 2020 detailed “the China Operation” and revealed that Mr. Guo was the most attacked individual on Twitter.

As a western media outlet that is funded by Australian taxpayers, why has ABC News not only turned a blind eye to the CCP’s unlawful and desperate efforts to silence Mr. Guo, and instead call Mr. Guo’s whistleblower movement “aggressive”?

ABC’s source informant is a CCP running dog

The article’s source informant is John Pan, an Australian citizen who is a secret member of the CCP. Another person that this report glorified is Zhuang Liehong, an American citizen who is also a secret member of the CCP that Mr Guo exposed.

The ABC report called John Pan “a former member of the New Federal State of China”, this is simply false. While Pan was part of the Whistleblower Movement during early stages, he was rejected after he was found to be fundraising for his own benefit under the disguise of the Movement.

Rather than a “human rights advocate”, Pan is simply a CCP spy in Australia tasked with the job of misinforming the Australian audience about the New Federal State of China. His nickname by members of the New Federal State of China is “Drumstick Pan”, from his previous attempt at getting the Whistleblower Movement’s “Rule of Law Foundation” to pay for his KFC meal.

The ABC report quoted the word “dangerous” by John Pan five times without verifying. What harm did GTV, GNews and the peaceful lawful demonstration by the Himalaya Australia do, other than informing Australians of the CCP’s infiltration through people like John Pan?

Both Pan and Zhuang illegally leaked personal information about others

What was worse, ABC did not mention a criminal act by John Pan. Pan illegally disclosed personal information about Mr Lude (Dinggang Wang)’s and his wife’s personal information, such as their social security numbers (SSN) on Twitter. In addition, John Pan had attempted to steal the source codes of GTV.org and GNews.org, both media companies founded by Mr Miles Guo.

On Pan’s Twitter account in June, he wrote “what’s this? Does anyone have an idea?” (translated) with a screenshot of Mr Wang’s social security numbers. This act is illegal in the US and could potentially brings harm to Mr Lude and his family, as Mr Lude is a big critic of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). It is disgraceful that Pan also targeted his innocent wife and exposed her SSN.

John Pan illegally exposed Mr Lude (Dinggan Wang)’s SSN on Twitter

Pan clearly acquired the information via illegal methods, such as through hacking, or from someone representing the CCP. Pan’s action was clearly intended as a threat against Mr Lude, who had openly criticized and called Pan a running dog of the CCP.

Cartoon created by Himalaya Australia about Zhuang Liehong and John Pan

The second informant that ABC used, Zhuang Liehong leaked the information of a Hong Kong activist, Tony Chung, which led to Mr Chung’s arrest by Hong Kong authorities which are controlled by the CCP. Zhuang used to be part of the core team of the Whistleblower Movement and had access to sensitive information. Mr Guo later exposed him to be another CCP spy.

ABC covered up verified Hunter Biden photos and videos

The ABC report described the videos and photos released by GTV and Gnews as “rumour”, despite confirmation from famous attorney such as Thomas Farnan and prosecutor such as Rudy Giuliani that these are authentic.

When asked about these videos and photos, Thomas Farnan said: “The evidence on the Hard Drive from Hell is some of the highest quality, most reliable I’ve ever seen; it’s self-authenticating, verified”. In the interviews with Fox News, Rudy Giuliani produced verified evidence incriminating the Biden family.

This is not new for ABC. In a previous article, ABC asked its readers to look away from the videos and photos from Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell”.

The CCP’s unrestrictive warefare

The CCP has a full set of avenues to conduct their unrestricted warfare in the free world. Their main purpose is to exert positive influence on the public’s opinions on the CCP while ignoring the CCP’s human right abuses. The CCP’s strategy is described comprehensively by Alex Joske in his report published by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. 

Image sourced from book cover of “Unrestricted Warfare” by Col Qiao Liang and Col Wang Xiang Shui

On the one hand, the CCP puts agents guided as celebrities to infiltrate the western system, as exemplified by the billionaire Huang Xiangmo who was denied access to Australia for his relationship with the CCP. Huang has donated a large amount of money to the Liberal and Labor Parties of Australia on behalf of the CCP for political gains. 

We suspect that ABC Australia has been similarly compromised, through infiltration by the CCP, as evidenced by its heavy bias in favour of the CCP.

We will take action

The Himalaya Australia hereby demand that the ABC NEWS:

  • retract the report from the ABC NEWS website and stop spreading unsubstantiated false allegations against the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China
  • issue an open apology for this tendentious and unsubstantiated report that echoed the CCP’s propaganda.

Formal complaints will be lodged, and we reserve our rights to take further actions.

Authors: 六木宏 & River | Himalaya Scholars

Proof-reader: XO酱

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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