Bob Fu (Fu Xiqiu)’s lawn is completely withered! Feng Shui is ruined!

On October 21st, eight freedom fighters from the Love Miles for Zisun Farm set off from New York, travelling across more than half of the United States, more than 3,000 kilometers, coming to Mirand, Texas, to participate in the “Action of Exposing Fake Democracy Activists ” against Bob Fu (Fu Xiqiu), a spy of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), despite the risks of the Covid-19 virus. The freedom fighters, inspired by the Whistleblower Movement for the rule of law, bravely spoke up for the sake of justice, taking action to expose the truth!

The front lawn of Bob Fu (Fu Xiqiu)’s house was withered and lifeless
The front lawn of Bob Fu (Fu Xiqiu)’s house was bare and lifeless

In Texas in the autumn, the weather was not cool, but the grass on the front lawn of Bob Fu (Fu Xiqiu)’s house was not growing, yellow, lifeless, and dead, in sharp contrast with the green front lawns of the neighbor’s houses. A freedom fighter sighed: “At the home of Bob Fu (Fu Xiqiu), who exudes the stinking CCP, even the grass doesn’t care to grow on his lawn!” Another friend from Love Miles for Zisun pointed out, “It’s bad Feng Shui!”

The front lawn of the neighbors’ houses is full of life and green
The entrance of Bob Fu (Fu Xiqiu)’s house stands in sharp contrast with the lawn of the next-door neighbor’s house

It obviously shows that Bob Fu (Fu Xiqiu) is now “like a mud Buddha crossing the river- who is unable to save himself”, who is unable to take care of his own yard. The freedom fighters who demonstrated against the fake democracy activists these past few days have shown great power, and they have scared Bob Fu (Fu Xiqiu) severely, incapacitating him from maintaining the image of the so-called “Pious Pastor” and publicly exposing him. Just like this lawn, the future and destiny of the CCP spy network headed by Bob Fu (Fu Xiqiu) in the United States is already dying! Through the joint effort of global whistleblowers, the Chinese Communist Party’s pseudo-government is well on its way to collapse!

Eight freedom fighters from Love Miles for Zisun Farm (Eastern US) participated in the Action of Exposing Fake Democracy Activists

Since the three-year Whistleblower Movement following Mr. Miles Guo, the freedom fighters have fought various battles with the fake Democracy Activists and Fifty Cent Army (Paid Internet Trolls for CCP Government) on Twitter and Facebook. Today’s global Operation of Exposing Fake Democracy Activists is face to face battle for the freedom fighters going from online to offline, facing the luring forces of CCP gangsters overseas. The target of Exposure is divided into three categories:

  • The first category is a network of low-level overseas spies of the CCP who are familiar to our freedom fighters. These include such spies as Zhu Wanli, Pan Linzheng, Xiang Lin;
  • The second category is a network of mid-level spies such as Liang Guanjun, Li Hongkuan, Huang Hebian, etc.. These are secondary espionage leaders of the CCP in the US who are working in the peripheral nodes of the spy network;
  • Finally, there are top-level spies of the CCP. like Bob Fu (Fu Xiqiu) who can be classified as a regional, core node leader of the CCP overseas spy network, similar to a webmaster character in a spy war.
Eight Freedom Fighters from Love Miles for Zisun Farm (Eastern US) participated in the Texas of Action of Exposing Fake Democracy Activists

Bob Fu (Fu Xiqiu), backed up by the CCP Consulate in Houston, is the CCP espionage chief of the southern region of the United States. In order to support him, the CCP even provided him with a variety of industrial chains:

  • One is to use his channels to transport Pseudo Pro-democracy activists out of China and help him earn political assets in American politics;
  • Another was to open two wineries in the United States for money laundering, to provide millions in donations each year as BGY operating capital, for influencing and corrupting a large number of U.S. members of Senate & House of Representatives and by transferring benefits and donations to deepen BGY of local government, law enforcement and pastors in order to weave his dark web.

Therefore, cutting off a local network center such as Bob Fu (Fu Xiqiu) is extremely important in both the present situation and for the future layout of annihilating the CCP. The first is to uproot a large espionage system of the CCP and destroy its organizational structure; the second is to obtain material and public opinion support for the future trial of Bob Fu (Fu Xiqiu) in court. This is based on Mr. Giuliani’s approach of taking down the five major gangs in New York at that time (The United States is a country of case law. As long as there is a successful trial case, subsequent similar cases can follow the precedent). This time the freedom fighters participating in the Texas Action of Exposing Fake Democracy Activists was an arduous and significant team operation! To tear off Bob Fu (Fu Xiqiu)’s pseudo pastor mask to the American society, expose his identity as a CCP spy, and bring to justice in accordance with the law. It is necessary to rely on frontline comrades to act as pioneers! The freedom fighters must successfully open up this phase, overcome obstacles and pave the way for the future strategic layout of Mr. Miles Guo and the righteous forces of the United States.

Author: SkyCloud LM02、Deer by the stream

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