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Today is November 1st, only two days before US Election, a day that is extremely essential to both the United States and the world. This year’s Election Day will determine the fundamental process of the future world. In other words, it determines whether the world will become totally dark under the increasing threat of Chinese Communist Party or a bright place where Communism is rejected in favour of democracy, freedom, law and order.

Joe Biden is a puppet of the CCP

The Chinese Communist Party has never stopped its infiltration into the United States. This year’s election process reveal the true extent of China’s infiltration in all parts of the societal fabric.

To totally control US, CCP uses an enormous amount of money to bride Joe Biden, making him surrender to the CCP, work for it, stand for it and speak for it. ‘China Joe’ has become a popular nickname, which gives a clear and exact account of the relationship between CCP and the Biden family.

The propagandas of the CCP, whether in Communist mainland China or US, are always speaking highly of Joe Biden indirectly, in contrast to negative Trump headlines such as ‘How bad had Donald Trump dealt with Corona Virus, known as CCP Virus’ or ‘How BLM movement revealed the so called conflicts between the white and the black’.

President Trump once said, ‘If Joe Biden wins, China wins.’ What is more exact is that if Joe Biden wins, Communist China wins, Chinese Communist Party wins, dictatorship wins. 

Social media mostly gave in to CCP, censored posts on Hunter Biden’s Hard Disks Gate

These days, Twitter revealed its true, ugly face by blocking numerous accounts which retweeted and revealed the truth of the currently most shocking incident——the Hunter Biden Hard Disks Gate. My former Twitter Account is also being suspended now for the same reason.

Author’s twitter account was suspended for anti-Communist-China tweets.

Twitter, under the control of Chinese Communist Party, has become a social medium platform like WeChat or Weibo in mainland China, where any words against the Party’s will will be deleted the moment it is released. Worse still, the sender will be immediately identified and severely punished in mainland China. The much cherished “free speech” will be no more, if the western free world allow big techs like Twitter to continue censoring free speech and setting up a strict censor system.

Today, if you create a new Twitter account during this time, you will find that the recommended accounts are all about Joe Biden, Obama, Clinton, who are supported greatly by CCP, but not about Donald Trump, Pence, Pompeo, who speak truth of CCP and make efforts to take down the CCP.

Twitter prompts new users to follow politicians who are friendly to the CCP.

The Chinese Communist Party knows well at how to use media to back it up internationally, just as what it did domestically. It is the CCP that fill up the internet with fake news. It is the CCP that strips the online world of free speech.

Thanks to Miles Guo, founder of the Whistleblower’s movement and the New Federal State of China, we still have some ways to get the truth out. Currently, the best source to get authentic, uncensored information about Hunter Biden Gate and the relationship between CCP and the Biden, is and GTV and GNews app are also available on Apple Store.

Vote Trump who is for USA, not Biden who is for China

This year’s election is perhaps one of the most import in the US history. The two candidates represent two totally opposite sides. Donald Trump, is for USA. Joe Biden, however, is for the CCP. Communist China president Xi Jinping plans to use Joe Biden as a way to control US and strengthen his leadership inside the Party if Joe Biden were to be elected.

China Joe never cares about American people, for what he wants is only huge profits from collaborating with CCP, but President Trump does care the USA.

Today I wrote a tweet on my new Twitter: “It is this man who makes America greater and greater during the past four years. It is @realDonaldTrump who take huge efforts to protect his American people. Today, Nov.1st, two days before Election. #VoteTrumpToSaveAmerica, vote Trump to save the world from the threat of CCP! “

I watched the live stream of President Trump’s MAGA rally yesterday, where I heard the music “God Bless the U.S.A”. This music represents the American spirits. “I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free.” However, today some Americans have forgotten the value of having freedom and democracy.

President Trump is an epitome of these spirits. He loves America and tries his best to fight the swamp in the US who colludes with the CCP. Only President Trump can protect Americans from the threat of CCP. Only he can lead the fight against the CCP influence in the US

Make America Great Again, or Make China Strong Again?

Americans now are facing the choice whether making America great again or making Chinese Communist Party stronger again. When you cast your vote on your own, you have to think carefully about what you have witnessed during the last four years and what is the difference between Trump‘s four years and Obama’s years.

You may not like Donald Trump’s personality, but he is not running to be a Pastor he is running to be the President of the United States. He is the only guy in politics who wants to get the right thing done for the American people.

Remember, China Joe stands for CCP. If you vote for him, you vote for the CCP, you vote for dictatorship, you vote for darkness. If you vote for Donald Trump, you vote for USA, you vote for democracy, you vote for freedom, you vote for a better future for yourself. Do not let our next generation down. It is time to change the world for the better! Four more years!

Author: Albus

Proof-reader: XO酱

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I just wanted to thank you for all you have done! I promise I will help fight for everyone’s freedoms along with Trump ❤️🇺🇸❤️


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