Hunter Biden’s back tattoo hides astounding secret


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According to the recent exposure of Hunter Biden’s series of sex scandal photos and videos, people got a glimpse into his indulgent life and perverted inner world. One photo in particular attracted lots of attention, which the strange tattoos on Hunter’s back in the photo are very consistent with Finger Lakes. It seems to be vaguely revealing the secret deeply hide in his heart.

Finger Lakes is located in Upstate New York, south of Lake Ontario, and consists of more than ten lakes. Among them, the name of Lake “Seneca”appeared in Rosemont Seneca LLC, where Hunter initially invested in Bohai Huamei BHR, and the name of lake “Skaneateles” appeared in the loan contract signed by Hunter and Xiangsheng Li/ Xin Wang and subsequent shareholders list of BHR (Skaneateles LLC), and Skaneateles is also the town where Hunter’s Mother Neilia’s birthplace. It can be seen that the Finger Lakes and mother Neilia occupies a pivotal position in Hunter’s inner world.

Robert Hunter Biden known as Hunter, was named after his mother Neilia Hunter and grandfather Robert Hunter.

On 18th December 1972, Hunter’s mother Neilia and sister died in a car accident, luckily the 2 years old Hunter and his brother survived. And not long ago, Hunter’s father Joe Biden, was elected to become the youngest senator in American history and stepped into his 47-years political career.  

The UN’s researches on children’s psychology show that age 2 is a critical period for character development. The psychological damage suffered by a two-year-old child may accompany the child for a long time. According to massive clinical cases, psychological counsellor John Bradshaw put forward the point of Inner Child: when a child’s growth is hindered, and the feelings are suppressed, subconsciously there will be another angry, injured child who will grow up with him.

Does Hunter also also live with such a devil child subconsciously? Everyone has his own opinion.

According to the New York Post report, there is a painful soul behind Hunter’s indulgent life. When I reviewed this bizarre traffic accident about Hunter’s mother and some of the doubts in the accident, I couldn’t stop thinking: does the devil in Hunter’s mind originate from his father Joe Biden?

According to Wikipedia, On 18th December, 1972, shortly after her husband became U.S. senator-elect, Neilia was driving with children Naomi, Beau and Hunter to buy a Christmas tree. Neilia was driving west along rural Valley Road in Hockessin, Delaware approaching a stop sign at the intersection with Delaware Route 7 (Limestone Road). When she pulled into traffic, the car was struck in the right-of-way by a truck traveling north along Delaware Route 7. Police determined that Neilia drove into the path of a tractor-trailer, possibly because her head was turned and she didn’t see the oncoming truck. Neilia and her three children were taken to Wilmington General Hospital. Neilia and Naomi died upon arrival, but her two sons survived with serious injuries.

After this heartbreaking accident, Joe Biden received the sympathy from the American public which also strengthed his political image. However, Joe Biden made incorrect allegations that the truck driver, Curtis Dunn, who died in 1999, was drunk at the time. However, according to a report published in the Newark Post in New Jersey in 2008. Pamela, the daughter of the truck driver, asked Joe Biden to apologize publicly for the false statements. The article once again attracted a lot of attention after Joe Biden announced his candidacy for the president of the United States in 2020. Subsequently, the editor of the article issued a statement saying that Joe Biden has already apologized for the incorrect allegations in 2019. So why did he lie about this matter?

There is another theory regarding this traffic accident: Neilia was the one who was drunk because she found that her husband had cheated, and the person who cheated was Joe Biden’s current wife Jill. 

There are traces of this rumor, Joe Biden has repeatedly stated in public that he and his current wife Jill met in 1975, but many evidences show that they were know each other as early as 1972. In the book “Where The Light Enters” written by Jill herself, she mentioned that she participated in the party where Joe Biden successfully ran for the Senate in 1972.

Secondly, Jill’s ex-husband Bill Stevenson also alleged that she was a staff member of Joe Biden’s senator election team in 1972, and had an extramarital affair with Joe Biden, which was the reason for their divorce.

Image source: Jill Biden’s Twitter screenshot

In addition, Jill wrote on twitter on 19th August 2020 that Joe called her out of the blue on a Saturday in 1975 and told her “I will be speaking tonight at DemConvention, I hope you will tune in.” Obviously, Jill was lying, because there was no DemConvention in 1975, the last meeting was in 1972, and the next meeting was in 1976. Why did Joe Biden and his wife accidentally lie at the time they knew each other? What are they trying to cover up? What is the truth of Neilia’s car accident? What impact does the mother’s early death have on Hunter? Why does Hunter have Finger Lakes tattoos on his back? The truth will come to light one day.

As more and more evidences in the hard disks are released, the American people have clearly found that Joe Biden is a downright hypocrite, acting upright and selfless in front of the mainstream media, but taking bribes from CCP secretly and betraying the interest of American people. In such an unfaithful family, with a father like Joe Biden, Hunter can only choose alcohol, sex and drugs to numb and eventually head towards self-destruction. From the following photo taken in his early years, we can see little Hunter’s confused eyes,while his father is elated, perhaps this is a true portrayal of the Biden family.

Image source: AP Photo/Sen. Biden’s office

(The content of the article only represents the author’s personal views)

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