Halloween and Courage

Courage is a mental or moral strength to venture, persevere and withstand danger, fear or difficulty.

Courage is the most noble quality in the world.

It is also a quality generally possessed by those who stand up to defeat CCP.

It can be divided into the two levels.

First level: It’s like Socrate’s dictum “The unexamined life is not worth living”

Second level: Courage is not fearless, but to face difficulties despite fear.

We have to defeat CCP! It is not because of the benefits and reputation it brings (Many people who stand up taking down CCP already possess them)

These are responsibilities and obligations. It is something has to be done even if we will be smashed into pieces!

A thousand foe won’t bent a true fighter’s will.

Mr. Guo Wengui, Lude,  Dr. Yan-Li Meng, Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, Rudi Giuliani, Dr. Brothers, Ai Li, An Hong and Mulan, etc, they all have wonderful life.

However, they would rather fight against the devil force CCP, despite the enormous dangers and difficulties.

Tong Baoguo’s family, 36 CIA agents sold by Biden, Hong Kong warriors, those who stood up and said no to the CCP totalitarian regime.

People like Khaleesi, Richard, Lily, Lucas, Squirrel, Neal, Good Life, Xima, Jasmine and so on that are from  Himalaya farm Vancouver.

Regardless of pressures, personal losses, obstacles and dangers, we are persistent, never compromised, and never give up.

Because we believe there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

In the autumn of 2020, the clouds are yellow and the ghosts of Halloween are faint.

Author: 昔马千羽

Proof-Reader: Richard

Original opinion article by Himalaya Farm Vancouver  – 2020/11/01

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