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Author: 庚子灭共(文瑞) & sanko(三四五六七) Editor: 孔雀

Illustrator: 庚子灭共(文瑞)

After joining the World Trade Organization (WTO), from 2001 to 2018, China’s foreign trade revenue grew nine times in seventeen years, yet poverty remains in China. Where did the money go? According to a report by PwC, “Billionaires Insights 2018 New visionaries and the Chinese Century”,[1] the billionaire sector’s wealth increased most vehemently in 2017, by USD 1.4 trillion, to USD 8.9 trillion globally, with China minting 2 billionaires a week. A close study of the collusion between HUNTER BIDEN and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) by the TYPHOON INVESTIGATIONS report unveils the mechanisms behind a global economic criminal network involving political figures that steal wealth from billions of civilians.

The story starts with Wang Qishan, Vice President of Communist China, “devil of devils” and “king of the Wall Street” as referred to by Steven Bannon, was the oligarchy atop state-owned financial institutions such as  People’s Bank of China, China Construction Bank Corporation, China International Capital Corporation Limited, before assuming high political positions in the central government. Owing to the trust from former Prime Minister Zhu Rongji “Economic Czar” of China, Wang built up his own financial empire with pillar entities like the HNA Group[2] and Bohai Industrial Investment Fund[3].

In Communist China, power is centralized around a handful of families at top of the pyramid. Perpetual tribal rivalry aside, they all profiteer from CCP’s expansionist policy and play active roles in carrying out the BGY strategy. BGY, coded for Blue, Gold, Yellow, are tactics of the unrestricted warfare to beat down the West through information control, money and sexual bribery. The frontman for maintaining JOE Bidenconnection is the former Chinese Ambassador to the United States Yang Jiechi. The financial involvements of Biden family were managed by Wang’s network.

According to TYPHOON INVESTIGATIONS, “the financial strength of Wang’s Bohai comes primarily from its collection of national-level SOE financials, specifically, Bank of China, China Postal Bank, China Development Bank, and National Social Security,” exactly the institutions that Wang previously resided over. “This combination of financial institutions confers upon Bohai both political and financial strength” and manage nearly USD 8 trillion in financial assets, equivalent to approximately 20% of entire China financial system. “Bohai has an enormously deep pool of financial reserves it can easily tap.” The tempations are too great to resist, especially for JOE and his son HUNTER Biden.

Two loan agreements dated June 30, 2017 and October 31, 2018 were released from Miles Guo’s Getter on Oct 23, 2020 regarding Li Xiangsheng and Wang Xin providing a RMB 1,012,896 loan to Skaneateles, LLC registered under HUNTER’s name for purchasing 10% of equity in Bohai Harvest RST (BHR), which was found by Wang’s Bohai Industrial Investment Fund and Harvest Fund Management, and two U.S. organizations, Thornton Group LLC and Rosemont Seneca Partners.[4] Li Xiangsheng is an executive of BHR, and Wang Xin is the illegitimate daughter of Wang. The website of BHR showed it has “the support of Bank of China, China Development Bank Capital, and other major Chinese financial institutions,[5] and has also partnered with HNA Group.[6] According to TYPHOON INVESTIGATIONS, the estimated value of BHR is USD 6.5 billion, which means HUNTER and the “big guy” JOE acquired USD 650 million stake in this deal at zero cost in a deal set up by Wang. A big portion of money came from China’s banking system that rule over the financial life for Chinese deplorables.

This is just one chapter of the BGY story. The CCP is aiming to control the world, U.S. is a primary target but not the last. Companies like BHR, in this case camouflaged as a private investment fund and was endorsed by Biden family, were tasked to handle M&A in the field of special category technologies that would benefit CCP’s military. Co-host of WarRoom Pandemic Jack Maxey said in episode 458: “BHR’s entire purchasing program was U.S. companies that could provide technological assistance to the Chinese military….. with a celebrative purchasing of an American automotive company. We know the damping technology for that sell is inside Chinese fighter aircraft today.”

Long story short: Wang plundered Chinese people’s wealth to JOE. In return, JOE sold U.S. interests to CCP. Millions are left to wonder: where did the money go?

1. Billionaires Insights 2018-New visionaries and the Chinese Century, PwC, 2018






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