13 Days of Duel: Artistic inspiration from Hunter Biden – flying pig (Even a pig can fly, if it stand at a particularly windy spot.)

  • 编辑:文顺    
  • 作者:七白石      
  • 翻译:Ranting

More truth at: gtv.orggnews.org

Since the Whistleblower Movement revealed the Biden family’s shady story, the YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms have been under full siege to block the truth from spreading. The artist copied the self-portrait of Hunter Biden’s promiscuous life to show the world that the free world has been swallowed up by darkness.

The combination of the wild colors of the Fauvists and the geometric shapes of the Mondrian makes the work look like coding from afar, but close up it looks like hard disk assembly; the protagonist is brightly colored and the supporting characters dissolve in the background. The wild colors of the Fauvism depict both the twisted, perverted, and malevolent minds of the rich and powerful, as well as the inner cries of the underclass oppressed by the rich and powerful; the use of Mondrian’s geometric shapes not only refers to the fact that the truth comes from the “hard disk from hell”, but also reflects the many obstacles encountered in the process of uncovering the truth.

The following is the process of creating this work for the reader’s understanding.

Himalaya Spain’s official Parler account, stay tuned!
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