The evidence of the Biden Family’s pay-to-play scandal

On October 27, 2020, The National Pulse revealed an audio recording of Hunter Biden that shows Hunter admitting that he was in direct partnership with Patrick Ho, and Hunter’s father, Joe Biden, knew about it. The recording also supports, from another angle, the veracity of the Biden family’s ongoing scandal of collusion with the Chinese Communist Party that is currently being exposed.

Here is the recording. 

In the audio, Hunter Biden says on the phone that his father, Joe Biden, will forward calls to Hunter from Eric, who Hunter refers to as “his old partner”. Hunter also specifically referred to Patrick Ho, as “the partick ho I represent,” and said that He was the spy chief of China. He also says that there was a discussion regarding a $4 billion deal to build the world’s largest liquefied natural gas port in his $58 million apartment.

This is followed by Hunter’s claim that the Southern District of New York District Attorney called him and that his close business partner, Devon Archer, listed Hunter Biden as a witness in a criminal case without telling Hunter. It also included his father, Joe Biden, in the case without Hunter’s knowledge and without sharing information about what was going on.

The recording reveals.

1: Hunter has been working with Chinese Communist Party agent Patrick Ho, roughly since 2018, relying on his father’s political influence to sell out U.S. interests in exchange for personal gain. Joe Biden knew of Hunter’s dealings with the Chinese Communist Party and participated in them.

2: The U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York had approached Hunter Biden about a criminal investigation related to Patrick Ho, Patrick Ho. According to one Lude Media episode, the New York Times and the Southern District Court of New York colluded with the Biden family, and they would keep Biden informed of the progress of cases against the Democratic Party.

This audio by Hunter Biden strongly supports the authenticity of  the laptop from hell and exposes that the media and judiciary in the United States, like the New York Times and the Southern District of New York, are in partnership with the Biden family, as well as with agents of the Chinese Communist Party in the United States. As the Laptop from hell ferments, there will be even more shocking and powerful evidence of the Biden family’s traitorous behavior.

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4 months ago

Biden Family is very evil