【21】Hunter Biden Used Alias For Addiction Treatment

Dear brothers-in-arms! Everyone’s attention must have been attracted by the videos and photos exposed over the past few days. Now, the brainstorming time is coming! Are you ready? What follows are evidences as solid as gravity, showing what harms and threats the Chinese and American kleptocrats are imposing to the whole of mankind and disclosing their ignorance to law and order, total humiliations to females, and their complete loss of humanity.

In fact, most videos on the hard drives are extremely sensitive and extremely inhumane, with extremely cruel pictures that cannot be broadcasted, so they will be processed later.

Now presented are the ironclad facts of the collusion between Burisma and Hunter Biden and the CCP, including the exchanges of documents and email message, and the interaction of the people involved! We hope brothers-in-arms around the world will take a look. If such things are not exposed, mankind will go into utter darkness all around!

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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1 year ago

Hunter Biden takes drugs and very evil

1 year ago

Forbes Tait,Director of Admissions Caron Treatment Center, Wernersville, Pa. Ashley Blaze Biden was in one in Delray Beach for about 6 months January-June 2019 according to the 112 page Diary she left behind

We Are America
1 year ago

Trump Supporters Attacked By Counter Protesters/Liberals At Rally

We Are America
1 year ago

Hunter Biden Starting Signing Deals With The CCP As Far Back As 2012