Tattoo Finger Lakes – The Manchurian Candidate?

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What if Hunter Biden’s Finger Lakes (FL) tattoo was carved without his conscious consent?

‘He said it’d be like a computer system crash. That your brain would shut down, but it would reboot again...And you’d forget all your RAM/or most of your RAM… Do you remember me?’ The Manchurian Candidate (2004)

Image: Gnews, GTV

The mirrored FL tattoo at Hunter Biden’s back has certainly aroused a myriad of discussions on what it might suggest. One of Hunter’s companies is named after Seneca, while the other after his late mother’s birthplace Skaneateles. But could the art flag Hunter as a victim of a systematic mind control program?

Among the curiosities someone mentioned ‘MK-Ultra’ on Gab but no one seemed to expand a debate around it. It was an illegal confidential CIA project conducted during the Cold War on mind control and behaviour modification. After researching on what MK-Ultra roughly is, I would reason that if one wonders how to abort the ‘abundant’ supplies of drug and sex slaves for Hunter and other predators, the systematic mind control swamp might be the first place to drain.

Most of the evidences to vindicate that MK-Ultra was in fact performed were destroyed at the time, but a few documents are still traceable on CIA website.



Straitjacket (could the white stripe underneath Hunter’s tattoo suggest he was tied in a form similar to these while exposed to radiation of some sort?):

Image: Google Image
Image: CIA website

Under MK-Ultra there are various techniques to achieve mind control:
* radiation
* electroshock
* psychology
* psychiatry
* sociology
* anthropology
* graphology
* harassment substances
* paramilitary devices
* materials ‘LSD’ being the most widely dispensed ‘material’

The victim usually obtains a cache of multiple personas, which are strategized to dissociate with each other and perform as if they are independent computer files. When a persona is booted, it arrives at the RAM of the victim for a particular purpose within a period of time the master desires. Then a cue, which can manifest itself as a word, a sign, an image, or anything that the victim is previously programmed to react to, will be stimulated for a persona change. The short-lived RAM of the preceding persona is formatted and runs new business by uploading another persona that is then activated.

The kernel is, whether this tattooed map, the names of the companies with memories trauma-bonded to them, or the way Bohai Harvest Rosemont is abbreviated (BHR is in the reverse order of Hunter’s full name Robert Hunter Biden, RHB), are in fact at service of shifting Hunter’s personas in real-time. Imagine his mind has been constantly enhanced in multiple hypnotic states to a point where he either responds with defaults or, in an entire alien situation, does nothing and waits until a comprehensible stimulus appears and communicates with his implanted scripts he was programmed into in lieu (this as a matter of fact occurred when Hunter received an email from Jiaqi Bao where she was requesting for a meeting but he didn’t reply at all to her email at the end, realizing Bao’s real identity as an agent.)

Hence, could Hunter, as a matter of fact, be the primary victim of the Biden family’s mind control Bohemian Grove? Is the tattoo an inflicted sting in his rear? Could the white stripe underneath the tattoo indicate he was exposed to a radiation enforcement and tamed in a straitjacket? If he is often caged in a room where at his front & back line up mirrors for him with a training purpose, can that explain why the tattoo is mirrored? So that when he views himself in the front mirror, he can see the tattoo mirrored back to the order in real life?

In a report fairly recently where Hunter’s artist persona was transpiring, he painted abstracts where, only from my observation, gazing eyes are supervising him with the force of tearing him apart. He also mentioned that painting puts his energy towards something positive and that keeps him away from people and places where he shouldn’t be.

Image: NY Times

In a Time’s report on NXIVM’s sex trafficking & racketeering, it was penned that,

‘…repression drives neuroses. ESP participants learned to lean into deep-seated fear, anxiety and discomfort, in order to overcome the so-called “limiting beliefs” that kept them from seizing control of their lives.’

‘this isn’t a story about people who are egregiously flawed or desperate or lonely or gullible. It’s about “how extraordinarily vulnerable we [all] are, as people.”’

All of the analyses are just assumptions. But when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) still breathes, we can ascertain that mind control, with the assistance of the echelons in the west, still runs wild at large as we experience today in every aspect of our lives, and even more so before one of the most significant elections in history. And if the aforementioned assumptions on Hunter’s victimized circumstance were true, I would not be able to rationale how a parent can sacrifice his own child, bury who he really is altogether to the grave and deliver him to the most diabolic den of the CCP for some numbers in his ledger. If that frenzy worship of gold and power persists, we would all have to admit that there is no conspiracy of evil on earth, and its attempt to normalize an occult yet systematic procedure of dominating and destructing human race. Therefore, we all have the culpability to come forth and testify our own faith in evil not being able to prevail.

Author: Joyphie 【㊙️ G-Translators/Authentic Writing Team】

Proofreader: Sarathecat

(The above only represents the author’s opinion)

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